Yeahmobi Announces that they have Joined IAB Tech Lab


On March 7th 2017, Yeahmobi announced that they would be joining the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) as a member of their real-time bidding group, OpenRTB.

Yeahmobi is a performance marketing platform that focuses on mobile advertising. They help mobile tech businesses achieve international growth, monetize their inventories, and acquire active users.( Having done work in areas such as mobile games, internet finance, consumer apps, and cross-border ecommerce in over 200 countries, Yeahmobi are international leaders in the mobile advertising sector.

Some of their most notable technology includes YeahTargeter and YeahDSP. YeahTargeter is what Yeahmobi describes as a “retargeting” tool. It is designed to bring traffic to ecommerce advertisers, whereas YeahDSP was created to bring traffic to advertisers using real-time bidding.

Daisy Wu, Yeahmobi’s VP & Director of International Business, stated: “Yeahmobi integrates global ad traffic and serves clients all over the world. After becoming a member of the IAB Tech Lab, we could closely keep track with the latest technology trends and communicate with leading players in the mobile advertising and marketing industry.”

IAB has been helping marketing and media companies excel in the digital world since their establishment in 1996. Their membership program includes over 650 companies who are prominent in the digital advertising circle. Yeahmobi will be joining the IAB Tech Lab, a non-profit organization that aims to “implement global industry technical standards and solutions for the digital media and advertising industries.” ( IAB Tech Lab’s goal is to assure the safe growth of the industry.

Within the IAB Tech Lab, Yeahmobi will be a part of the OpenRTB working group. The group concentrates their efforts on maintaining the OpenRTB protocol.

This is a tremendous accomplishment for Yeahmobi. They will be working on new developments of OpenRTB with other big players like Google, Amazon, Fox Networks and Twitter. Their work with IAB Tech Lab will participate in defining industry standards.

Image: Yeahmobi


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