Women Make Better Leaders



In corporate America and everywhere else in the world including sports, women are paid lesser than men. Even though women put in the same effort, they get paid much lesser and in some cases it’s 50% lesser than that of the men.

Why are women paid lesser, in the present day and age, when both genders go through the same motion of education, training and work? Why are they not treated fairly? This is because; in most of the places the person who is the decision maker is usually a man. However, in today’s world, probably the first time in history, women’s salaries are getting closer to mens (though still a long way to go). The world run by women maybe a completely different world for the right reasons. Will companies and corporates become more nicer and open and not evil? Will the countries be more friendly towards each other?

What if we flipped the picture? Will the world become a better place?

What qualities do women have that make them better leaders? Let’s find out.

  1. Women have a stronger intuition

Instincts in business are a very important trait. The dynamic nature of business does not give a person the opportunity to lay down clearly the pros and cons clearly. Sometimes a gamble has to be taken. Intuition can make or break a business and women have very strong intuitions. They are born with this innate ability to gauge whether something is right or not. The late Steve Jobs bet his entire company based on his intuitions and he says it’s a very important quality for an entrepreneur to possess. Any impending dangers of the business can be read or felt very quickly by a woman. This is key for leadership!

  1. They are naturally tough

It’s known that men are stronger than women physically. But there are physical pains that no man can take like child bearing. Due to their biological state, women are put through pain on a regular basis and are mentally strong. They may emote immediately by crying, but that doesn’t mean they are weak. Emoting is a great way to get rid of something that is holding you back mentally and moving on. Women are naturally tougher than men, but in not so obvious ways, which can make them very good leaders.

  1. Women can multi-task

This is truer than the big bang. Men suck at multi tasking and women, oh well, they can do anything. Women can handle multiple tasks like speaking on the phone and writing a report at the same time. This is why they are better at studying than most men because their distractions are part of their studying and not something that curtails them. As a businessperson, you should be able to handle multiple issues at once and more often than not at the same time. Men are more straightforward, they cannot handle multi tasking as well as women. This is a very under-rated aspect of leadership and we really believe that women will be able to provide a lot more value than a man in the same position.

  1. They are more empathetic

This is what is missing In business. True leadership has many different qualities such as being tough, being a visionary and being able to hustle and so on. In business, if you want to truly succeed, you need your people behind you. They should be ready to give their blood, sweat and tears for your organization. If you treat your employees like they are a resource, you have lost the plot. As a great boss, people should like you and should like working for you and they should feel that they are understood. Women trump men in this aspect, they are more attentive and more in tune with the feelings of their employees and understand their plight.

  1. Other Thoughts

Women are programmed to care. This means they treat their business like a baby. When it’s their baby they are taking care of, its nothing like a mothers love. Men have a tendency to ignore or not care, but women care more and women leaders will care more about their company, their customers and they will provide all they have.

To answer our original question, will the world become a better place if women run it? The answer is, it depends. The problems will be different compared to the current scenario. Women perceive differently and the world I believe, will become a slightly better place.


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