Why Being Complacent Sucks – Ricky Ahuja


Being fulfilled and successful at what you do is the ultimate goal right? We should always strive to excel in our careers, build strong relationships with our colleagues and feel accomplished. However, some people tend to take it too far sometimes and their self-confidence and arrogance turns into complacency.

Being complacent is pretty much being unreasonable and blindsided. If you are unaware of what is going on around you and you don’t have the right perception of yourself and others, you might end up failing completely.

To prevent that from happening to you, I will try to open your eyes by providing some examples of how being complacent can affect your career in negative ways.

1. You aren’t doing your best

If you are tucked into your safe zone of complacency, the chances are you won’t be reaching your full potential anymore. In the business environment, things are constantly changing and the competition gets more severe each day. That is why you should get out there and do your best rather than continue doing things just to get by. Bear in mind that employees are replaceable and if you don’t strive to progress you may end up jobless.

2. You’re no longer up-to-date

If you don’t have a habit of regularly attending conferences and reading content related to your area of expertise, it is close to impossible to keep up with the newest trends. No matter how good of an expert you are, your knowledge and talent cannot be maintained on their own, but rather need to be nurtured and advanced on a regular basis.

3. You don’t seize opportunities

In the business world, sitting and waiting for the opportunities to come to you is just silly – you need to look for them. Doing things your way without any changes or improvements will make you invisible. Because of this, you always need to look for new opportunities, work on different projects, expand your skills and increase your credibility.

4. You’re not expanding your business contacts network

Building and maintaining strong relationships with the people you work with will always give you an insight into what’s going on and an access to the most valuable information. Likewise, expanding your business contacts network and being in touch with the clients will open new doors for you.

5. You don’t contribute to the company’s growth

Sitting and listening to what others have to say without ever speaking up will get you nowhere in business, and you won’t get enough respect as people will assume that you don’t have anything clever to say. Feeling reluctant or even afraid to state your opinion may have some bad consequences on your career. Instead of fearing to leave your safe zone, have in mind that it is significantly more important to contribute than to be liked. Always be involved in discussions and meetings, and feel free to present your ideas as they might turn out to be invaluable for the company’s further progress.

To conclude, like in other segments of life, being realistic when it comes to business can take you a long way. If you want to keep up and remain a relevant part of your company, always focus on following your goals, nurturing your ambitions and improving yourself in all the ways you can.


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