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In order to establish a successful marketing campaign, it is important to understand your audiences’ needs and interests. Your customers want to see relatable content, products and services, and this is based on several factors such as location, interests, demographics, and lifestyle. However, trying to cater your content to all of your consumers requires large amounts of data and extensive research. As this is can be a challenge for many online marketers, we have decided to introduce you to a tool that facilitates this process: Adtailor.

Adtailor Inc. is a multinational software innovation company that has developed online intelligence software for real time content optimization. Using anonymously compiled third party data, their audience profiling software personalizes your content for your users based on specific characteristics. Their software is a great tool to help businesses improve their marketing and sales metrics and provide their customers with the content they want to see.

Below, we will discuss Adtailor and their capabilities, how their software works, and how your business can benefit from its use. We also have a discount for you! Scroll down to receive an extended free trial (no credit card necessary) and 10% off all plans

About Adtailor

With over 40 socioeconomic, demographic, and technographic parameters to analyze, Adtailor provides businesses with the best precision targeting for their audiences. Drawing on a wealth of third-party data, they are able to tailor your content to your customers in real time.

Their innovative software works with any business platform, and currently operates in the United Sates, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Adtailor can be used to tailor many variations of web content, including:

  • Website text
  • Offers
  • Landing pages
  • Banner Ads
  • CTAs
  • Images
  • Articles
  • Editorial content

Both affiliates and advertisers can benefit from using Adtailor. Affiliates and advertisers can use it to alter their landing pages based on their visitors characteristics.

Additionally, it extremely useful to companies that market their products and services to various audiences. As we know, advertising is not static for all individuals – consumers respond differently to advertising and content based on a number of factors, including ethnicity, health, financial situation, location, age, gender, and more. In order to provide your customers with the most relevant content, Adtailor analyses various criteria to tailor your content to them. For example, if you are promoting a dating offer and your visitor lives in a predominantly Asian community, instead of showing them a ‘one size fits all’ landing page, you could to alter it to closely reflect the needs and interests of an Asian visitor. In doing this, your audience will be more receptive to your ad because it is relevant to them and it will increase your CTR/CVR.

The following is a sample of the detailed targeting options AdTailor offers in the United States. These can be used separately, or in tandem.

One of the software’s most distinguishing features is that it delivers results in real time. Therefore, your web page is altered for different visitors as it loads for them.

In addition, businesses are able to increase engagement and conversion rates using the software. According to Adtailor, companies can lower bounce rates and have seen increases of their conversion rates by as much as 9%, and boosted engagement by 12% when using their software.

Adtailor helps businesses deliver valuable content to their users, which, in turn, improves their sales and marketing performances.

How does it work?

Given that results are delivered in real time, it’s no surprise that Adtailor works extremely quickly. Their complete audience profiles are “pre– assembled and loaded before the users have even accessed your website.”

Adtailor is intuitive and easy to navigate, but they also provide several resources to assist their clients throughout the on-boarding process, including API documentation, implementation tips and tricks, and support and assistance. The following is the simple three-step process users must follow to yield results:

Step 1: Insert three lines of simple JavaScript in the <head> section of your page.

Step 2: Download and add your unique authentication token (PHP, JSP or ASP).

Step 3: Using JavaScript, modify different content elements (headlines, images, etc) on your website. You decide or we can advise.

Image: Adtailor

Moreover, their technology is also “failsafe”. In case AdTailor is down, your customers will see your default content.


The cost of Adtailor starts at $99/month with a 1 year commitment, or $108.90 month to month, but we have a coupon for you!

Use the following link to receive an extended free trial (no credit card necessary) and 10% off all plans:


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