Where to Find your Next Affiliate Offer Angle


One of the critical elements of a successful affiliate campaign is choosing a good angle to promote an offer in any vertical. Affiliates usually end up having to test out a few angles until they find one that works well for them. 

Below we are going over what kind of content you should look for and where you can find angles for your next campaign. 

Please note that the angles we discuss should only be used by affiliates who are experienced with black hat marketing. Because of their deceptive nature, black hat angles can lead to bans on Facebook and legal troubles. 

People are more apt to click on a link to learn more about news, emotionally appealing content, or someone familiar, like a celebrity, which is why many black hat affiliates choose these approaches. How well your angle performs depends heavily on how well you can connect with people using only a few words and an image. The right angle helps affiliates increase conversion rates and improve your revenue, however, you need to find it first.


Incorporating recent news is an excellent way to get users to click on your ads simply because people are intrigued about it. They see news on their social media accounts every day, they read about it from different publications, and hear about it from friends and relatives. The news angle works for affiliates because people want to stay informed, and they often trust what they read.

Browsing the news to find developing and high profile stories is a great way to find your next angle. A developing and high profile story will be more effective as people are more likely to have heard about it in various publications, and they want to keep up with the story and new developments emerge.

The example above is a great example of using a high profile news story as an angle. With the recent birth of the British royal baby, the royal family has been in newspapers, online news sources, and broadcast on social media around the world. Naturally, people are curious to know more, so they are likely to click on this ad with the intention of learning new information about the royal family.

It should be noted that news pieces should be selected based on the audience you are targeting. For example, you would not try to use a news story about the royal baby when you are promoting supplements for beard growth. The angle you choose should be akin to the interests or needs of your target audience.

Using an article that includes the logo of a reputable publication, like Fox News, is another great strategy to gain your customers’ trust. According to a survey conducted by CBS News, the public trusts journalists from credible sources more than information they see on social media platforms. They also noted that “The survey also found that 63 percent of people said the average person doesn’t know how to distinguish good journalism from rumors and falsehoods…” While certain angles are deceptive, their study suggests that it can be very effective.


A new influence marketing company called SocialElite has a great tool for finding the latest campaigns being run by influencers and affiliates, these are more E-com based products as mentioned by influence Marketing News

You can also search #influencers in Instagram and see what kind of products and offers others have been running if you’re interested in setting up an influencer campaign.

Emotionally Appealing Content

Another angle that works well is using emotionally appealing content. The reason this angle works so well for affiliates is because people are more responsive to it. As stated by MarTech, “Campaigns that make people angry, happy or frustrated stay top of mind and keep customers coming back for more.” In the digital age, connecting with users emotions is not easy to do. However, you can still captivate your audience by using strategic wording and images in your ads.

Emotionally appealing content can be anything from disheartening to shocking information. With these ads, users have an initial reaction, which leads them to click in order to read more. 

Below is an example of this.

The number of painkiller addicts in the United States has been on the rise for years now, which makes  this relatable for many in the USA. An ad like this could perform very well when promoted in the right geo and to the appropriate audience.

Spy tools are great to find ideas for a more emotionally appealing angle as they have hundreds of ads for you to browse from. AdSector and Adspy are two great Facebook spy tools you can use to browse relevant ads, and we have discounts for you.


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Recent celebrity news is another great angle for affiliates to use in their campaigns. People react more positively to advertisements when they see a familiar face, which is why the celebrity angle works so well. Celebrities are idolized by many users, particularly females, which means that they are inclined to read about them.

For example:

To find your celebrity angle, you can consult tabloids to see which celebrities have been written about recently. Alternatively, you can simply write about celebrities who are popular at the moment.

News, emotionally appealing content, and ads featuring celebrities make for great angles because they captivate your audience’s attention and lead them to click through to your landing page to read more. Resources such as news publications, spy tools, and tabloids are helpful to consult when trying to find your angle for your next affiliate marketing campaign. While finding the right angle can be challenging for affiliates, especially when they are new to the industry, you can find a great angle with a little bit of testing and research. The angle you choose can either make or break your campaign, which is why it is essential to find the right one.


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