What We Found Going Undercover As An Affiliate With 50 Networks


The last couple of months we applied to 50 different networks and went undercover as a potential affiliate looking to run their offers.

We wanted to test each network to see what kind of service they gave to their affiliates, how long the approval process was, how knowledgeable their affiliate managers are and how much value they could give to us as “an affiliate”

Here’s what we found! 


27/50 Approved our affiliate account within 12 hours


39/50 Sent us a Skype message each day to try get us to run traffic, 11 of those stopped contacting us after the first day

24/50 Affiliate Managers gave us landing pages that other affiliates were using 

2/50 Networks created us our own offer landing page to suit our traffic flow


1/50 Approved our affiliate account without even contacting us

7/50 Affiliate managers were able to give us tips and extremely useful help on scaling, lowering traffic costs and making tweaks on pre-landers 


38/50 Gave us higher payouts with simple negotiation without even seeing any traffic 


16/50 Affiliate managers couldn’t implement a tracking pixel and had to forward it to their tech to handle


22/50 Affiliate managers were able to give us introductions to credible spy-tools / graphic designers / traffic providers / Credit Card Providers and other useful companies that affiliates use.


26/50 Networks were able to put us in-touch with someone that spoke a different language, we tested (Spanish, German, Italian, French)


2/50 Affiliate managers told us an offer was exclusive yet we found the same offer in other networks


7/50 Affiliate managers asked for a skype call as part of the approval process


0/50 Affiliate Managers asked for Proof of ID

So there you go! 

While there’s room for improvement with a few networks the majority were up to standard with a handful that truly excelled. Some affiliate managers varied in skill level and helpfulness but most were very confident and did surprisingly well, a couple of those affiliate managers just didn’t have a clue and we were shocked they even have a job. One network that approved us without even contacting us is a worry.




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