What a Year for Media500!


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First, the year kicked off with the remarkable and tremendously distinguished Affiliate Ball in January, put together by our close friends, Affiliate Business Club. The Affiliate ball went down as a huge success and was a congregation of fantastic people all dolled up to the max in Dinner jackets, Suites, and Ball gowns. If it wasn’t the amazing DJ, a constant flow of drinks or the Midgets constantly pouring shots of vodka and performing magic tricks that had you constantly laughing, dancing and enjoying yourself then it must have been just how well the whole event was put together.

In July, we had AWE in Barcelona. We started our first show as diamond sponsors and what a show it was. With an unbelievable booth location thanks to Affiliate world, A killer team of experienced affiliate managers and of course you guys. With a constant flow of affiliates, publishers, other networks and a wealth of other industry folk wanting to know what the new kids on the block are all about. For our debut show, there’s no denying it was a show to remember.

The Media500 panel went down a storm with some of our closest JV’s touching on some highly valuable points from the importance of joint ventures, how to JV for the first time and what a joint venture actually entails day-to-day, as well as how to use the power of JV to scale and create a much higher income than you already have by identifying your weak spots and how to address them.

At the end of the second day, we had the Adbuyers meetup. We were very grateful to have had the honor of being silver sponsors and it was with a doubt one of the best adbuyers we’ve been to with an amazing location and venue. July in Barcelona after a long day at the conference what more did we need than a cool off in the pool and, plenty of cold drinks and some light snacks. Besides the pool and refreshments, we met an abundance of highly interesting and new friends. The Adbuyers, as always was an event to remind you of the great industry we’re in and the remarkable people who make it up.

WHO COULD FORGET about Media500 closing party at     Pacha club, Organized last minute as the official closing party with over 300 industry attendees. With an open bar from 21:30 to 12:30 am and then to the VIP area for more bottles with our VIP guests and grinding the dance floor till 4 am it was a killer night. Again, none of it would have been doable without our good friends and sponsors

  • Traffic Panda
  • ABC
  • Purple Knowledge Lab

And of course, you guys acting crazy drinking them dry and dancing like you owned the dance floor. A huge thank you to everyone that turned up and making it a night to remember. You’re all individually absolute heroes.

October, Media500 had the pleasure of sponsoring a very cool rooftop meetup in the heart of Lisbon organized once again by Affiliate Business Club. With a view to die for, free drinks, a memorable sunset, and fantastic networking. Based around the IGB conference we once again met some really interesting people and had a blast. Thanks Again ABC.

December… We all know what December means. AWA Bangkok. This is without a doubt one of the most eagerly awaited conferences of the year.

To kick off we had yet another very eventful meetup powered by Affiliate Business Club. Once again, we were proud sponsors of this Go-Kart event and the turnout was fantastic.

Drinks flowing, people networking, and down on the track, there was bumping, smashing, cutting up on the race track as attendees competed in a series of Go Kart races.

Later that night we had the pleasure of being Sponsors at the Bangkok bash. Ahh, the Bangkok Bash. What can one say about this party?

Hosted by the man himself Gerard Dela Porta, Aka: Mr. Romance. Undoubtedly Facebooks most prolific poster, liker, commenter and whatever else you can do on Facebook. I once heard that Chuck Norris himself deleted his FB account and moved to Twitter in order to escape Mr. Romance’s stickers.

Held at the prestigious club Koi, The Bangkok Bash kicked off with a blast. With plenty of models at all of the sponsor’s tables, hot DJ’s, Open bar, great music and VIP dinner before the party, the night was set to be a winner.

Partying till the early hours of the morning, everyone was in top form and the party a huge success. Thanks again, Mr. Romance.

AWA was a really great show for Media500. This show taking a sky scrapper booth, back to back meetings and once again a constantly busy booth filled with like-minded industry folk and friends coming by to say hi and pop bottles with us or drink a beer the entire show from start to finish was action packed and a great success.


Wow, what a party! Insane! Held at the Levels club, Media500 once again threw a last-minute party and closed one of the biggest clubs in BKK. With over 400 Industry attendees, models, girls, open bar, amazing DJ, a jaw-dropping R&B show and who could forget the unbelievable MC session from the one and only Andy Wullmer from Traffic Partners. Thank you, Andy, you helped make the party bro. 😉

Apologies to all that couldn’t get a pass. We hit full capacity plus some and everyone that was there really contributed to the success of the party and the atmosphere. Once again you were all absolute killers and party animals. The Bangkok Blow out was again another event that reminds you of the type of people that make this industry what it is and we love you all.

We had such great feedback from everyone that attended and were so happy to hear how everyone enjoyed it as much as they did. To say it was a huge success would be an understatement. Thanks again to everyone who attended and for those of you who missed out don’t worry. With AWE around the corner, you can be sure we’ll back with another killer party.

That’s a wrap folks. It’s a new year, new challenges and plenty of new business to do!

Don’t forget to sign up for the ABC Ball later this month. It’s going to be an absolute blast. Celebrate the New Year with fellow industry people in their prettiest black tie/gowns and see them as you’ve never seen them before! The ABC soiree will feature a splendid feast, Live entertainment, free snacks, and mini burgers and of course the famous Casino Lounge

Tickets: https://www.facebook.com/affiliatebusinessclub/

Don’t forget to sign up for the Media500 newsletter!

“Click the link below, and hit the sign-up button to subscribe for all of the latest news, industry chat and of course upcoming events. As well as hearing about the above you will receive all the latest on what’s new with Media500 network, all of our latest offers, payouts, and info on best-converting creatives”




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