The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate World Europe – Barcelona


Next month, the legendary capital of Catalunya will host one of the largest gatherings of affiliate marketers – ever!

With multiple events (including Affiliate World Europe, Geek Out, SheCommerce, iStack trainings and more), Barcelona will be bustling our breed come mid-July. This makes it a no-brainer to attend… but also a challenge.

How do you get the most out of the trip?

Not only do you have to manage choosing the right conferences, side events and networking parties… you also have to get around, find the perfect place to stay and, of course, eat! There are a lot of questions you’ll need to answer if you want to have a great time…

What’s the best party to attend?

Is Uber still banned in Barcelona?

Where should I book a hotel?

Is there anything to eat around here?

Which beach should we hit up next?

All these questions – and many, many more – have been answered for you in Advidi’s Ultimate Guide to Barcelona!

The free guide was written specifically for affiliates – and it even features a custom map with locations marked, tips on secret spots around the city, and exclusive interviews with 5+ speakers from AWE and Geek Out:

  • Mirella Crespi talks about SheCommerce, cross-platform retargeting and her favorite spot in Barca.
  • Nathan Chan discusses his approach to landing some of the biggest names in marketing for his magazine.
  • James Petrellis tells a great story about a very confused postal worker, along with giving some hints on building offers.
  • Tim Calwell reveals the biggest mistake he sees new dropshippers make.
  • Ben Opsahl geeks out about copywriting and drinking vermouth with olives.
  • Brandon Stewart gushes about the importance of data in marketing and scaling Facebook ad campaigns.

If you’re going to Barcelona next month, there’s no better resource for you. Go check it out in full on the Advidi blog and prepare for an unforgettable trip!



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