The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Summit East 2018 – New York City


New York, New York! The whole affiliate world will set its sights on your skyline soon…

That’s right – this summer, the “city so nice they named it twice” will play host to the conference so nice they… uh… held it twice a year for 15 years straight!

The longest-running major affiliate conference series, Affiliate Summit, is back for yet another edition. Affiliate Summit East 2018 will take over New York City from 29-31 July, and you’d better believe it’s going to be the best yet – the conference has grown massively each year since launching in 2003.

With a killer lineup of speakers and excellent planning, there’s no reason to doubt that this edition will be another great investment of your time and money.

To help you all prepare, Advidi has put together a massive guide to the city, the conference and everything in between. Their 2018 edition includes some outstanding contributions from speakers at ASE:

  • Mari Smith talks about building relationships with influencers to get maximum value from your partnerships, plus her focus on Facebook lately.
  • Sandra Matz gives us a seriously in-depth look at psychological targeting, including the ethical implications and the responsibility we share as advertisers.
  • Debra Pivko tells us all about her copywriting process – with more than ten years of experience, she knows how to get in the mind of her prospects.
  • Geno Prussakov is a 19-time Affiliate Summit veteran – he gives us his perspective on changes in the industry, plus his experiences setting up affiliate programs for large brands.

On top of these fascinating interviews, the Advidi guide includes all the essentials you need to enjoy your trip with minimal stress.

Features include an interactive map with all locations marked… details on getting around the city (including choosing between Uber, taxis, biking and the subway)… visa, hotel and flight tips… the best pizza slice in town (just kidding, that’s impossible to decide)… places to escape the Manhattan madness… top tourist sights (and a few spots we suggest you avoid)… plus much, much more.

It’s your one-stop resource to prepare for the city and the event. Plus, it’s 100% free. Go get it on the Advidi blog now!



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