The Three Audiences you Should be Retargeting


Businesses should constantly be striving to acquire new audiences to increase brand awareness and grow their company. However, they often become consumed with the idea of finding new customers that they forget about trying to reach their existing ones. The people who are already interested in your products and services are the easiest audiences to reach, and they are the most likely to convert, which is why you should be making the effort to retarget and re-engage your customers. Moreover, retargeting is simple and effective if you use the right tools, like Facebook Custom Audiences. Facebook’s Custom Audience builder is one of the easiest and most comprehensive tools to retarget people.

Below, we will discuss the three audiences you should be actively trying to engage and retarget using Facebook’s custom audiences.

Website Visitors

People who have visited your website are already interested in what your business has to offer – It’s a no-brainer that you should target them, yet, many businesses still overlook this strategy. Although this sort of lead is is slightly more challenging to reach and they may not convert as easily, it is worth while to retarget them. 

For example, in the image below you can see that Jcrew retargeted individuals who visited their website, offering them a 40% off discount code:


On Facebook, you can retarget your website’s visitors by selecting ‘Website Traffic’ in the Audience tab.


If you want to target a more specific group of people, insert the URL that you wish to retarget people from. To do this, select ‘Website Traffic’.

Following this, you will select ‘People who visit specific web pages’.


People engaging with your company page

Users that are engaging with your company page are probably interested in your products or services, which makes them the perfect audience to retarget. To retarget them, you can build a Facebook custom audience based on your company pages visitors, such as visitors, people who have commented, liked your posts, clicked through to your website, etc.

In order to target the people who have been engaging with your Page on Facebook Ads Manager, you will need to make a custom audience and select ‘Engagement’ as seen below.


Following this, you will need  to select ‘Facebook Page’.


From here, you will be able to select your Page and create an audience of people who have engaged with your Page:


Email lists

Considering how easy and effective it is to retarget existing customers, all businesses should be doing it. Your existing customers are the ones who have opted to subscribe to your email list. While they may already be customers, you should still retarget them. It would be a mistake to think that you can’t lose your subscribers. You have to keep them interested in your offerings if you want them to buy more, or even just keep them as customers. In order to keep these customers, it’s important for companies to reach out to them with relevant information about new products, discounts, etc.

Using your email lists and subscribers, you can reach customers that have not purchased from you in a while, or even upsell them on other products or services.

Setting this up is extremely simple with Facebook. To do this, create a new custom audience and select ‘Customer File’.


You can choose to upload your own file or copy and paste data, or import data from MailChimp.

All in all, your customers may not convert following their first visit to your website, but they might if you retarget them to bring them back again. Certain audiences, such as your website visitors, the people engaging with your company page, and the ones from your subscriber list are great groups to retarget as they are easily accessible, interested, and familiar with your brand.



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