Top woman entrepreneur shares her start in affiliate marketing business!


If you haven’t heard of BitterStrawberry by now, you probably don’t know affiliate marketing. It is one of the most performant platforms in the industry and it has successfully built a reputation in the last 7 years. A company that makes millions of dollars of profit each year and continues to grow every single day.

To understand better how the company started and how it kept the business rolling for so many years, we asked Carmen Lumina, its foremost thought leader, the one that build this company and made it huge some insights about affiliate success.

1. Carmen, we know you were invited to speak at conferences around the world and you were referenced by some of the biggest industry sites. How did you manage to get here and did you ever thought you will be earning the money you are earning today? At what age did you realize you can become an entrepreneur?

I was already working in affiliate marketing industry when I realized I can make some good profit from this, opening my own business. I became aware of what the market needed at that time and I had luck to cross paths with GC, my partner with whom i developed some innovative ideas that now became a revolutionary affiliate platform that sets new standards in the industry.

I started to be an entrepreneur business oriented at a young age and I never stopped dreaming I can build wealth online. And it happened.

2. Tell us about your very first demonstration of entrepreneurial ability and the affiliate venture that thought you a lesson.

I would say I started when I was a student with a rare collection of items that brought me my first 50% profit, but if I have to speak my heart I would say that if you want to learn to be a good entrepreneur you need practice.
It is something experiential and even if your business fails, you wouldn’t trade the knowledge you gathered for anything because there’s nothing like personal growth that you achieve from pursuing your passion to build a business.

The whole point is to never stop trying and not to find justifications in outcome from the beginning. In the same way, in my first affiliate venture I discovered that campaigns are build to be winners not just discovered. In such a competitive market like affiliate industry, you all the time need to track, verify, split test and optimize before you see profit.

3. How do you think Affiliate marketing has changed in the last 7 years since you have the company?

As I was saying in the past, years ago you could have earned limitless without big efforts but affiliate marketing evolved and it became very competitive and the users better educated, so they expect a seamless experience. You need to adjust accordingly with the right technology and always improve. In the same time this can give you an example of the scale of money that you can still make in the industry.

4. What’s the most you’ve ever made from an affiliate marketing campaign in one day?

I’ve done close to 6 figures profit in one day before.

5. What is the most lesson you’ve learn over the years and what advice would you give for the all the newbies in affiliate marketing?

I would say that a valuable lesson that I’ve learned is that you can’t do everything alone and finding valuable people that will share your mission, building a good team that is always willing to work that extra mile, it’s what always keep us moving forward.
And the best advice I can give to aspiring affiliates is to take a leap of faith. Most of the people want to be successful entrepreneurs but they all the time just fantasise, they never take action. So, start today, even if it’s something small, you’ll learn 1,000x faster by doing something than thinking and planning constantly. Take big action!

6. What’s the worst advice you hear given to young people looking to start their own business?

That you need to spend a lot of time planning everything from capital to mentors and employees. I believe people should stop wasting all their time going back and forth. One of the most important things is to decide what path you want to follow and dedicate yourself for a minimum of 5 months studying and learning all the campaigns in that niche until you can master it.
It’s true that is not easy to find the right balance between planning, getting organized and going into execution mode, but if you’re doing the mistake of keep changing the plan over and over again, you’ll never reach the end.

7. If you had to start again tomorrow, what would be the first thing you’d do to rebuild your affiliate marketing empire?

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing you better have knowledge and a higher budget to invest in your business. It’s hard to make money investing $50 or $100 so, I would definitely find a way to increase my cash flow, even if It means getting an extra job.
I would first invest in a spy tool to see how are the top campaigns running and what all these campaigns have in common and I will first imitate than try to be a step ahead, to innovate. Also, if I wouldn’t have money I would use my unlimited time and energy to push harder than others, in order to succeed.

8. Can you tell us how is a typical day for an industry leader like you?

I’m a very organized person so usually all my days are very structured and they usually include meetings, training with the new people that all the time join our team, organizing, planning and checking how our campaigns go. I have a healthy routine that I try to follow, going to the gym at the end of the program, even if this means late in the night and mostly I’m 100% focused on the important tasks of the day.

9. Where do you see Affiliate Marketing in 10 years from now and what are your future plans?

If when we started this business, affiliate marketing was more of a closed community, nowadays is a mainstream, competitive business with lots of conferences, events, forums, revolutionary technology behind it and so on. I believe than to be able to succeed in the future, you’ll have to understand the dynamic of the emerging technologies and adapt to all these new challenges, adjusting their offers to match all the new factors. We already started to do this so recently we began to create our own Nutra products, since this niche has a very fast pace of growth. This will be our future plans as well, to assure the best standards for our products and offers, becoming a worldwide Nutra advertiser.
Thank you so much Carmen for the interview, talking to you should teach us all that are following for years, a lesson. Focus on learning all the time and growing. There’s no other recipe for success.


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