The Fulfillment Lab at Affiliate World Asia and The Bangkok Bash


December 2018 can only mean one thing…The Bangkok Bash! Top-notch affiliates and advertisers from all over the world will be attending the show of the year!! Thanks to “Mr. Romance” Gerard Della Porta for putting The Bangkok Bash together! The Fulfillment Lab has been a proud sponsors 2 years running!

Why The Fulfillment Lab will change the game of fulfillment?

Great companies lead, they lead from the front. They lead in deliverable, they lead in market share, they lead in technology, their employees are leaders, thought leaders.

Leading through technology and innovation has been the vision and execution of Rick Nelson, owner, founder, and CEO of The Fulfillment Lab.

For the last 7 years, TFL has led from the front, a tech-based fulfillment company bringing fulfillment into the 21st century. 9 months and $1.2 million in development, G.F.S (Global Fulfillment System) is changing the game, Uber did it to taxi cabs, Airbnb did it to accommodation, they made it sexy! They made it fit, they made it accessible they made it custom!!

With plans for 2019 that will allow more On Demand product, up to 500 products available! Custom On Demand Packaging!! On-Demand Custom SubCom!

With our 2 domestic facilities and 14 International hubs, we deliver On Your Time – every time!


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