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Most of you don’t realize that my friend Raja ( Sumon Raja Roy-Choudhury who owns for chargeback disputes and a payment gateway solution) was the reason I created the first of my bashes in December of 2017 which became . Raja asked me in October of 2017 to host a party that he would pay for during AWA 2017 in Bangkok ( ) and I immediately said no. He said what do you mean?? I said look if I host a party it has to be perfect and I don’t want to put the time into it. He kept insisting that I do it so I said ok I will post on FB and see if people are interested. Well for some reason my FB and other messengers lit up like a Christmas tree and THE BANGKOK BASH was born!

The Bashes ( and ww bash- with more to be launched in 2019 ) are a Division of MRKTHUB – YOUR BRANDING PARTNER – that are designed for sponsors to entertain clients at world-class venues around the globe proudly hosted by me.

If you are a company looking to sponsor an upcoming Bash or an industry trade show that wants me to host a bash at your show, please contact me to learn more.
We will be adding the photo gallery soon from each bash.

Photo Gallery Of 2017 Photo Gallery Of 2018 Photo Gallery Of 2019