The Advantages of Running White Hat Campaigns


Affiliate marketing has a reputation for being an industry for cash hungry people, which is not entirely inaccurate. For many, the appeal of affiliate marketing is in earning big money, and as such, some people in the industry cut corners to earn more. One of the issues with affiliate marketing is that it can be regarded as a bit shady and borderline unethical. However, it doesn’t have to be.

In the industry, affiliates can run black hat, grey hat, or white hat campaigns. Many people who are interested in joining the affiliate marketing space are sometimes put off by the prospect of running questionable campaigns. Being non-compliant is risky. For those who feel uneasy about this, there is a way around it: white hat marketing. Affiliates can still earn great money using white hat tactics, and they also forgo the worrying that comes with running black hat campaigns.

Below we will differentiate between the three ‘hats’, and go over some of the best verticals for running white hat affiliate marketing campaigns.

What is the difference between black hat, grey hat and white hat?

Black hat

Black hat marketing is considered to be unethical and deceiving. It involves scamming people, or engaging in fraudulent activity. Ultimately, black hat campaigns just don’t follow the rules.

Some verticals use black hat marketing more than others, for example, Nutra and Casino campaigns are usually black hat.

Although affiliates can earn quite a bit using these strategies, there is also more risk involved. It is not uncommon to get into legal trouble due to black hat Internet marketing.

Grey hat

As the name implies, grey hat marketing is the middle ground between black hat and white hat marketing. It is not malicious, but it can still involve some risk for affiliates who gravitate towards using grey hat marketing tactics.

White hat

There is no ambiguity with white hat marketing. It involves being completely transparent with consumers. As such, white hat marketers maintain a good reputation among networks and advertisers, and there are no associated legal risks.

Many affiliates run successful white hat campaigns, and earn great money doing it.

One of the greatest benefits is that it more stable and it can work for you long term. Black hat campaigns typically get shut down quickly because they are deceptive, or just not legal. On the other hand white hat campaigns do not get shut down by Facebook, which means affiliates can run them for a much longer period of time.

Which verticals are the most white hat friendly?


One of the greatest advantages of promoting e-commerce offers is that they are very Facebook friendly. When promoting e-commerce offers, your ads are typically less aggressive, which means you do not have to worry about Facebook banning your account.

E-commerce Landing Page

Lead generation

Lead generation has a huge market with a ton of opportunities to promote an array of offers, such as home refinancing, solar panels, and auto insurance.

For the most part, lead generation is a great vertical for white hat marketers. However, they still have to use their judgement. The easiest way to ensure you are promoting white hat offers is to work with a legitimate advertiser.



Gaming is a great vertical for white hat marketers because there is nothing cryptic about it – you are simply promoting online games. There is a lot of money to be made with gaming, and you can easily run your campaigns on Facebook. Additionally, it is a broad market, which provides a lot of opportunity for affiliates.

Image: Dailymail


Dating can be either black hat or white hat, but this depends on how you promote offers. If you want to run white hat dating campaigns, you need to make sure they are not too aggressive. If you keep your ads PG and you don’t make unrealistic claims, you should not have any problems.

Image: Online Dating Insider

Affiliate’s campaigns are only as legitimate as they make them. While some verticals are completely black hat, the ones listed above are white hat friendly and profitable. It may require a bit of strategic thinking and trying different angles to promote your offers, but it is entirely possible to create a successful campaign that is white hat.


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