The #1 Entertainment Affiliate Platform: Masters in Cash


Since 2013, Masters in Cash, formerly known as MBI Cash, have earned their stripes and garnered a reputation as the #1 entertainment affiliate platform. Headquartered in The Hague, their team of five professionals combines user-friendly designs with transparent communication.

Masters in Cash have several Flirt & Chat offers in a variety of geos, including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and many more. They are an excellent partner to work with – Not only do they have great offers to choose from in several geos, they also live up to their great reputation. Their stand-up team works hard, and they strive to build great partnerships with their affiliates.

Positive minded people

The Masters in Cash team believes that the only way to create great things every day is with great people, which is why they invest in their people. By investing in their team, they ensure that their staff is enthusiastic, positive minded and willing to go the extra mile to produce their best work. According to Master in Cash, while everybody in their team has their own responsibilities, they balance them out with a certain amount of freedom. As their headquarters are situated in The Hague, the Masters in Cash team work hard, but they take the time to have fun as well. For example, they take visits to the beach, and party until sundown on Kings Day! They truly embody the philosophy “work hard, play hard”.

Flirt & Chat offers

Masters in Cash are constantly working to create great new Flirt & Chat offers. As a direct advertiser that operates in over 30 countries, affiliates get the best offers for the best price with them. In addition, they are knowledgeable of the local market, which allows them to tailor their offers to the market. Masters in Cash immerse themselves in the market to determine local needs, and therefore they are able to offer target groups based on what they want and need.

A Bright future for Masters in Cash

Masters in Cash have a very bright future ahead of them. They expect to continue being the #1 network in the European Flirt & Chat market, and hope to grow to the same success on a worldwide scale.

While they foresee the challenge in global expansion, they believe that when there is a will, there is a way. To achieve this, they are adamant about providing high conversion rates, great offers that are optimized for the local market, and ensuring the highest payouts and ROIs for their affiliates. Additionally, another way they plan to reach global expansion is by continuing to be great partners, and build long-term relationships. Masters in Cash make for the perfect transparent, trustworthy, and fun partner.

Masters in Cash is heading to Ibiza. Are you going to go with them?

Masters in Cash have a very tight knit team, and they want their affiliates to be a part of it, so much so that they want to spend a whole weekend with their best performing affiliates in Ibiza! They are giving their best performing affiliates the opportunity to party like masters in Ibiza with the Masters in Cash team.

Even if you are not yet an affiliate, you can sign up now for a chance to win. In addition, new registrations from MRKTHUB will be given a special chance to win the Ibiza Summer Challenge.

Start making money for a chance to win a weekend of next level partying in Ibiza that you’ll be bragging to your friends about for years to come! Ibiza Summer Challenge weekend will take place from Friday July 20th to Monday July 23rd. All top performing affiliates who sign up have a chance to win and live the Masters life in Ibiza. Leave nothing to chance, start making money for an opportunity to win an exciting weekend in Ibiza with the Masters in Cash team!

Meet the Masters in Cash team at Affiliate World Europe Barcelona

Affiliates can meet with Masters in Cash at Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona this year, which will be hosted from July 18-20th. They have something new and exciting, so make sure to meet them at booth C36.

Maybe after Barcelona you will get to fly with the Masters in Cash team to party in Ibiza for a weekend to remember! Don’t forget to sign up now for a chance to win the Ibiza Summer Challenge.
A masters life is waiting for you!

Get in touch with the Masters in Cash team on Skype to learn more about them:

Teun Westerdijk
Affiliate Manager
Skype: Teun.Westerdijk




Lianne van der Loo
Communication Specialist
Skype: Lianne.van.der.loo


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