In the affiliate world, it’s necessary to keep up with the latest trends that are constantly appearing on the market. New offers that convert better, new verticals providing higher ROI, and new generations of affiliate networks – more advanced and providing much better conditions to their affiliates. And the CPA Hub, TerraLeads, which we are going to review today is definitely the brightest example.

How does TerraLeads differ from typical CPA networks? These guys are a direct advertiser of COD (cash-on-delivery, which is gaining popularity these days) health & beauty afifliate offers they produce in house. This means that payments are higher and theres also no mediators between you and the advertiser.

The categories represented within TerraLeads system include beauty, diet, health, and adult. Local call centers with native speakers on-board provide higher approval rates than the average. And the warehouses stuffed with the products and located in each GEO of Europe and Asia allow the delivery to be completed within 3-4 days.

TerraLeads production capabilities show their uniqueness when it comes to one special feature – a possibility to create your own product line on a turnkey basis. What does this one mean? It means that you as an affiliate can order a unique product line only you will be able to send traffic to, having no competition. This is a huge partners’ advantage, as the hub itself is responsible for production, design, organization and the quality of goods produced. All you need is your brilliant idea of a perfectly converting offer! ☺

The registration in the Hub goes in multiple phases. First, you should complete an online registration form. Then approve your email by a link you’ll receive in your email box and wait till affiliate managers contact you for a personal interview, where you need to prove your experience in affiliate marketing.

Here are the kinds of questions the manager might ask: How many leads per day are you planning to make? Which GEOs do you plan to cover? What is the main source of your traffic? What other CPA networks have you worked with before?

Agreeable feature: each TerraLeads member has a personal manager who speaks the local language that you are planning to work with. Hence, your personal manager not only provides 24/7 online support on any issues, but also consults on the current region state and features of the advertising market, which is for sure classy!

As soon as you pass the interview and receive a confirmation of your successful admission, you can start working in the Hub.

Interface and technical aspects

Well, that’s the system control panel interface. At the right you can select three actions: choose offer, create stream or generate API files for webmasters.

The left part contains navigation through the interface, including an access to leads, list of offers, statistic data, purchases, payment lists, etc.

TerraLeads has elaborated the authorship system for tracking and analyzing network statistic data. This system allows you to conduct split-testing, use Facebook Pixels, UTM codes and other tracking options. Statistic data is available online and allows you to analyze the number of calls, operator comments and customer reviews. “That’s what’s missing in other CPA networks” states Terraleads

There are some other perks that cannot be found in any other network. As you can see in the screenshot below, each offer is accompanied by cost, amount of deductions, level of approval and goods sale dynamics schedule by the geographic feature (countries).

When an offer that you want to promote is found, create API or stream.

By stream, products can be promoted through network landing pages and pre-landing pages.

To see pages set for a separate offer, click on links (open in a new window). The text and the language of ad corresponds with the country where the goods are promoted.

Payments are made using Wire Transfer, Webmoney, PayPal, Paxum and E-payments, that is, actually in any convenient way.

TerraLeads is the first affiliate program that created a reward system with bonuses accumulation – so called t-coins. How does it work? For each committed target action on promoted goods pages, you receive a commission + t-coins. For these bonuses you can buy really cool presents in the TerraStore.

The more approved leads you get, the steeper things you can buy. It ranges from toys and things like PowerBanks or camera drones, larger bonuses like MacBook Pro’s and even a BMW electric car.

How many conversions do you need for making money on a certain thing? It depends on many factors (amount of payments for a certain offer, current price of the goods in the store). For example, to get MacBook Pro product, you need to accumulate 30,400 t-coins, which is approximately 10-30 thousand network conversions.

The conclusions and key advantages of the TerraLeads CPA Hub:

1. TerraLeads is a unique affiliate Hub, not a CPA network in its traditional form. They made unique system that combines three sides: a merchant, a network and a publisher.

The Hub acts as a merchant, it is both a producer and the one who sells a product certified in Europe and Asia.

The Hub performs the CPA network functions, attracting experienced affiliate marketing partners.

2. The elaborated “quick lead” system allows you to receive payments on conversions in the shortest period of time. The user fills in a short form that is immediately followed by a call from a call center, a manager confirms an order and you instantly get your payout for the approve.

3. High level of conversion due to a variety of tracking capabilities, A/B testing, UI/UX technologies and other tools.

4. High approve rate. Well-trained call centers personnel works in local language where the goods are sold.

5. The most common and convenient payment systems are available.

6. You use landing pages, which are already approved by moderators of Google Adwords and Facebook.

7. Ability to upload your landing pages, transit pages and creatives.

8. Detailed statistics data, including online (number of calls, operator responses, reviews).

9. 24/7 multilingual support team. Technical, informational support while launching the advertising campaigns. Consultants on media buying. Personal affiliate manager.

10. Possibility of special order to create and issue goods. All obligations are incurred by TerraLeads.

11. User-friendly system interface that can be easily and intuitively managed.

The TerraLeads Hub capabilities go beyond the usual CPA-networks.

If you feel like ready to become TerraLeads partner, do not hesitate to click on the link to register.


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