Tell-all interview with ReflexCash CEO, Boris Vyle


MB: Hey Boris! Good to have you here today! Can you share some insights about how ReflexCash started?

BV: ReflexCash began as a project of 3 friends and business partners back in 2014 in Ashford, UK. Shortly after the company opened its office in London with a magnificent view of the River Thames which became their British Headquarters and the birth place of its international team. The company were developing and growing as an ad network. Reflex affiliates were primarily working in the French and British market, rapidly growing the database of financial and mainstream clientele.

MB: Why did ReflexCash choose to be based in Barcelona?

BV: In the year 2016 the board takes an important decision to open more offices in Europe mainland or overseas, in order to scale the international reach and be closer and more available for its clients. Barcelona was chosen among many possibilities, like New York, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, because it had the majority of the opportunities that the board members were looking for. Among those we can highlight the most important ones, such as attractiveness of location, large & diversified capabilities of the city, human capital, and of course Barcelona is one of the most creative, innovative, technologically advanced tech hubs in Europe with great possibilities for foreign investment into Spanish economy.

MB: You’ve been in Barcelona for almost 2 years now, how is it going?

BV: One word, Barcelonamania. All of those looking good on paper, but nobody expected such a BOOM. Originally only a couple of senior managers were sent to establish the new office in the heart of Catalonia. Their path started with hiring just one employee, but shortly after the success and all the perks that Barcelona has to offer, it didn’t take long to succeed. Within the first 3 months the office grew from 3 to 10, within the following  6 months from 10 to 20. Nowadays ReflexCash has more than 60 employees.

MB: How many affiliate / advertiser partners do you have?

BV: Based on our systems numbers, ReflexCash have increased its affiliates / advertisers and partners from 4,000 to more than 10,000!. The Affiliate platform provides more than 1 million conversions to targeted users and satisfies hundreds of clients every month. The majority of business comes from France, Italy, Spain, Germany and United Kingdom, and the company’s services are also widely used in Russia, Asia, the US and Latin America.

MB: What makes ReflexCash so unique & successful ?

BV: American, Brazilian, British, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Irish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian Account/Affiliate Managers . This gives the company a massive advantage in terms of finding partners and providing the best customer support in any given language at any given time (we work quickly, regardless of the holidays). For us 24 hour support in the native language of each client is tremendously important as it brings “the barriers/walls down” and smoothes the communication process in order to make the most advantageous decisions for both sides.

MB: What is it like working at ReflexCash and the other team members?

BV: What we consider as our “TOP” advantage in the industry is our people. Every employee is given freedom to share ideas and get support in their realisation, we listen to every voice and help in implementation. Each member of a team have their own way of working and we give them complete independence. We then in turn will ask for the results but our commission scheme keeps everyone constantly engaged and motivated. Not sounding like a cliche but ‘the harder you work, the harder you will play’ 

The Barcelona office grew into a big international family which includes multiple nationalities and cultures, such as offer:

Among our perks:

-Monthly team buildings on the beach and on remote nature locations.
-Wednesday Soccer.
-High tech offices with magnificent 360 degree view over Barcelona.
-Gaming stations.
-Team/individual challenges organised each quarter and very easy to reach, if you you give your “fullest” self.

If you are thinking of working with us, we are more than welcome to give you a tour and show what we can do with and for you!

Don’t be shy, Our European HQ in Barcelona always has an open doors and beaches….
But come on, we are in Barcelona !

Thanks Boris!!

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