Spy Tool Killer: Facebook Confirms You Will Be Able to See Every Advertisers’ Ads


In an effort to increase transparency and accountability, Facebook announced that users would now be able to view all the ads that a page runs with View Ads. Pages will have advertisement databases, which will be available for all Facebook users to view. This new feature may start to pose problems for Facebook spy tools like AdSector and Adspy.

Originally, Facebook implemented this feature in order to ensure transparency with their political ads. There will be a tab on each Page called “View Ads” that shows which ads have been purchased and the targeting options used.

View Ads is not limited to political ads. According to the Globe and Mail, “The measures are not limited to political advertising; any page running ads will have a “view ads” tab that anyone can click to see what that page is currently running. The tool could provide more information about who companies are targeting at any given time. Once ad campaigns are over, they will not be viewable.”

One of the issues with View Ads will be dealing with users who take advantage of promotional ads. For most online e-commerce stores, advertisers run retargeting campaigns. Essentially, a retargeting campaign is used to draw consumers back in when they have left without purchasing anything. For example, when you fill up a cart on an online clothing store’s website and you exit the page before purchasing, companies will sometimes show you a 20% off coupon for you in order to get your to complete your purchase. The problem here is that people are smarter than we think. With View Ads, users can go to their favorite brands’ Facebook pages and grab coupons from their databases.

This feature was piloted in 2017 in Canada following issues relating to Russian Interference. This feature is due to roll out in June of 2018. This feature could pose a problem for Facebook ad spy tools – especially because people always complain how pricey they are.

Image: theglobeandmail.com

Facebook Spy tools provide insights based on a wealth of data on their platform, which many advertisers find helpful. However, they may still find they are competing with View Ads. Facebook’s feature can provide users with the more  in-depth information than ad spy tools because they have access to data not publicly scraped by the spy software.

The benefit that the spy tools have over Facebook is their filtering options. With the new Facebook feature, you’d have to know your competitors pages and go to them directly to view the advertisements. With a spy tool, you can filter by keywords, age ranges, and a vast amount of other options.

Facebook ad spy tools are useful for advertisers who want to stay on top of their competitors and create campaigns based on a lot of research. Yet, some advertisers may feel that with access to a database of their competitors’ ads, they may not need to spend the money on expensive ad spy tools.

Image: facebook.com

Although View Ads will likely challenge Facebook ad spy tools, it will not be the demise of them. Facebook allows advertisers to access more information than spy tools have available, but spy tools have many filters that simply advertiser’s competitive research. Because of the convenience they provide, users will likely still want to purchase spy tools to facilitate the process.

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