Quora Introduces Native Image Ads

Image: Quora

It has been a year since Quora launched their self-service advertising product, Text Ads. Since then, it has more than 1,000 active advertisers, which is more than triple their original advertising base. Their Text Ads have delivered advertisers a strong ROI, while offering them with high-quality native ads that resonate with the Quora community. This week, they announced that they will be expanding their advertising platform with the launch of their new native Image Ads.

Quora does not usually come to mind as an effective advertising platform. However, it is a great alternative to advertising on Facebook and Google. Quora’s audiences are unique, engagement is high among them, and the platform brings in roughly 200 million visitors every month. In addition, advertising on Quora can help increase advertiser’s number of quality leads and CTRs, and their CPAs are cheaper than AdWords and Google. Now, their launch of Image Ads will be another incentive for businesses to start advertising on the platform.

Quora’s Image Ads were designed to provide greater detail in their ads and increase engagement among their audience. Their Image Ads have been crafted to contribute to user experience on Quora rather than hinder it. Although their Text Ads have performed well over the last year, Quora believes that this recent addition will be more powerful than text-only ads.

In order to create an Image Ad, advertisers will be required to provide their business’ logo along with an image. This will appear next to the ad’s headline and description. Following this, Quora crops the image to fit their ad specifications.

The text on Image Ads is limited to 20%, similar to Facebook. Additionally, Marketing Land says that the aspect ratio is similar to that of Facebook and other platforms, thus, you can use existing assets with Image Ads.

Moreover, with the help of machine learning, Image Ads can be automatically converted into Text Ads. Patrick Dugan, a Product Designer at Quora, stated: The Quora ads platform will also generate text-only versions of Image Ads in order to automatically optimize for the ad format that will perform best on a particular page.”

The following are the specifications for Image Ads as decribed by Quora’s Product Designer, Dugan:

Logo Specifications:

  • Brand logo is displayed as square
    • 30 x 30 px

Ad Image specifications:

  • Limited text on ad image
    • No more than 20% of text on an image
  • Recommended image size
    • 1,200 x 628 px
  • Minimum image size
    • 600 x 314 px

Below is an example of what their native Image Ads will look like on desktop:

Image: Quora


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