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Ion Labs is a leading contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, skin care products and over the counter drugs. Established in 1983, they have been providing their clients with innovative and high-grade Nutra products in the Unites States for years. Now they have launched a new form of capsules: capsule-in-capsules.

Ultimately, all the best affiliate offers and networks are based on promoting great products. Ion Labs’ capsule-in-capsule technology differentiates them from other manufacturers, and you should definitely have them on your radar.

The growing demand for new capsule technology has been a driving force behind the development of Ion Lab’s new capsule-in-capsules. Their new technology provides more precise delivery times based on customer’s target release times. These are large, liquid filled capsules that have smaller pre-filled capsules within them. With this form, ingredients can be delivered at different times with the “purposes of combination or dual controlled release”.

Unlike other capsules, Ion Labs’ new technology allows their clients to choose different release times based on the desired results for their products. Depending on your product, Ion Labs can create capsules with an immediate, extended, pulsed, or delayed release. Thus, the supplement will be delivered to “two different regions of the GI tract, and even delivery to the colon with the addition to enteric coatings”.

According to ION Labs, their capsules can be made of gelatin or HPMC composition, and you can opt to have them coated as well. Additionally, you can choose custom formulation or a number of private label products, including multivitamin/probiotic for dogs, Daily sucrose cleanser, Beard growth, Green coffee bean extract, prostate support, and Garcinia Cambogia.

All of Ion Labs’ products are manufactured in their FDA-registered facility under careful supervision in order to ensure that quality, regulations, client needs and requirements are met. They can produce up to 1.5 million capsule-in-capsules per day, while still carrying out extensive testing on them.

Although their product is not the cheapest on the market, Max Timko, Ion Labs’ marketing manager, says that they produce products of the utmost quality, which provides their clients with competitive advantage.


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