Protecvital (shots) was brought back by public demand! Bottoms up!


Already in the Nutra industry? We’ve got some great news for you: One of the most popular products of the year that made consumers and investors happy, is back on stock!

That’s right, after a huge success due to popular demand, the top selling supplement developed in-house by BitterStrawberry was brought back. Not only to boost your energy, vitality and performance but also to boost your sales!

Protecvital (the shot version) is now available again for all the affiliates who want an opportunity to grow and become filthy rich in the Nutra vertical!

This supplement became a mainstream product in the last year and consumers are interested in using it to fulfill various roles in their life. Not only, it’s a very good pre-workout formula, but it also boosts your energy, promoting weight loss and enhancing your vitality and manhood.

Easier to absorb than the pills or tablets, this innovative functional drink, has hit Nutra market lately and its strong category growth is expected to continue amid both increased consumer interest in health and retailers’ efforts to position themselves as one-stop health and wellness destinations.

A supplement growing at an impressive pace for some time, Protecvital, the shot product is very popular because it’s simply better than its competitors!

According to the creators of Protecvital, if you take a shot of this liquid multi-vitamin, it will give your body 100% daily value of vitamins from in a single dosage. Get ready for faster recovery, increased stamina and improved focus. Now you can instantly replenish and restore your brain, body, and spirit with every sip.

This is one of the main reasons, shot products, have blossomed lately. As a matter the manufacturer told us that the sales for this product are growing monthly and that the business has been built to be fully scalable on a nationwide and global basis.

“Liquid supplements are becoming more popular as users are becoming more aware of their advantage – the nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream faster than any topical remedy. Our dedicated quality control team has invested heavily to monitor Protecvital quality and we believe that it offers the best overall value.

Its success and very existence are dependent on the repeat orders and word-of-mouth recommendations of loyal, satisfied customers and its expansion offers a unique opportunity for retailers to capitalize on a robust growth sector.

The consumers asked for Protecvital shots and we listened. We adjusted the stock accordingly in order to avoid consumer backlash or a long supply disruption” said Carmen Lumina, CEO, BitterStrawberry

It’s more and more clear that spurred by aging populations and heightened interest in preventative health, sales of vitamins, minerals, nutritional and herbal supplements have surged. Wellness has become a booming economy and if you’re not in this industry yet, you should get on it sooner rather than later. Consumers are buying into it more and more each year trying to live they best way.

In the end, health is not just a goal. It is both a lifestyle choice and a thriving consumer market, and a bestseller like Protecvital can define your business for decades!


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