Pinterest’s Expansion of Shopping Ads Will Turn Browsers Into Shoppers

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Catching your shoppers’ attention before they even leave their homes is not an easy task. Most individuals make their shopping decisions from home, which is what makes Pinterest an immensely useful tool for marketers. Using the platform, consumers find what they are looking to buy, while simultaneously filling their baskets with new products they have discovered along the way. According to Pinterest, 90% of active users stated that the platform helped them along their path to purchase. Pinterest has the power to turn browsers into buyers from their very own homes, and now they have made it even easier to connect with pinners.

On March 19th, Pinterest announced the expansion of their Shopping Ads. The feature that was previously tested among a few retailers will now be available to hundreds of companies. Pinterest stated that their goal for Shopping Ads is to provide businesses with opportunities to market their products by turning their catalogues into “visual and actionable ads”. When Pinterest conducted their pilot project with retailers such as IKEA Canada, Wayfair, and Ulta Beauty, they tested out Shopping Ads and the outcome proved to enhance their brand and advertising power. As stated by Ikea and Ebay, the biggest advantage of the feature is that it allows businesses to connect to their shoppers at all stages of their shopping and offer relevant products to them. Given their strong online shopping influence, this added featured rendered great results for the participating companies.

Additionally, Pinterest announced that they would be making their “Shop the Look” pins available to businesses across France, the UK, Germany and Japan. These pins simplify the shopping process for the consumer, therefore increasing purchasing opportunities.

Reaching one’s target audience can be tough, especially among certain demographics. Pinterest has become one of the most persuasive advertising tools when reaching adult women. As stated by Pinterest, the great majority of their 200 million users are women who are aged 25-54 years old, which can be a tough demographic to reach using only one platform. Despite this, Pinterest has created a hub for women who seek inspiration and browse different boards in order to plan the events in their lives. In their study, Pinterest also noted that 78% of their users believe brand ads to be helpful when browsing. Essentially, your ads are effective because they are easily found, and the shoppers welcome them.

While it can be challenging to target certain consumers with your advertising, Pinterest’s unique platform makes it easy to connect to them. For companies wishing to reach a demographic of women between the ages of 25 and 54, Pinterest is especially helpful. With the expansion of Shopping Ads across Pinterest, companies using the feature will likely see a jump in their revenue.



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