Pinterest Introduce Full-Screen Promotional Videos

Image: TechCrunch

Today, Pinterest announced that they will be introducing full-screen promotional videos on the platform , in an attempt to push video ads to advertisers.

Pinterest’s layout is known for having screens of jam-packed content that users can scroll through. Their advertisements have a ‘native’ feel to them. They completely blend into the rest of the content on Pinterest, which is hugely beneficial for advertisers. With these native ads, Pinterest users are not disrupted by blatant advertisements. Rather, many Pinners actually think that ads contribute positively to the platform.

Pinterest prides itself on being different than other popular platforms, like Facebook and Google. The platform provides “marketers a way to reach an audience that behaves a little more differently than when on those other platforms and coming to Pinterest to discover new things.” (Techcrunch) The platform has various advertising products and targeting options that are designed to reach even the most specific audiences at every stage of their online shopping journeys. Where Pinterest differs from other platforms is that a large majority of their content comes from brands who are advertising their products.

According to Techcrunch, these new promotional videos will take up the entire width of user’s screens, which will certainly grab Pinterest users’ attention. Pinterest stated that more than 42 million people in the United States head to Pinterest for entertainment ideas. These new videos will be great tools for advertisers whose products or services require a lot of awareness, for example gaming advertisements or movies. As noted by TechCrunch, or a product that needs more awareness, grabbing people’s attention for even just a few seconds is helpful for advertisers to “plant the seed of potentially buying a product down the line”.

Image: TechCrunch

Recently, Pinterest has made many changes, including new senior hires, and changes to the actual platform itself. The company hired its first COO, Françoise Brougher, who previously worked at Square as Business Lead, and Google as the VP of SMB global sales and operations. Additionally, TechCrunch reported that they also hired Tina Pukonen as an entertainment lead and Mike Chuthakieo as an industry sales lead. Pinterest’s new hires will likely propel them as they continue to make changes and additions to their advertising products.

Moreover, Pinterest has been rolling out small changes to the platform. For example, they added a new section for followers at the bottom of the app. This is Pinterest’s main point of navigation on the app, however, the change did not negatively impact them. On the contrary, Pinterest has grown their user base to over 200 million.


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