NutraSupps Private Label: The Industry’s Leading Private Label Nutra Manufacturer


In the Internet marketing space, Nutra relates to the dietary supplement business. It is a big business in digital marketing. NutraSupps Private Label is “an industry leader for the development, manufacturing, and private labeling of health based products.” Their founder, Leo Konfino, has been in the Nutra space for a long time, making him an industry expert.

As explained by Konfino, establishing a successful business in the Nutra space begins with a trial continuity program, which is favored by online advertisers. Up until the recent issues with merchant account closures, Nutra has been a ‘fruitful’ venture for many. However, the recent issue regarding merchant account closures has been debilitating to advertisers’ business models. It has left them incapacitated when it comes to rebilling existing accounts and bringing on new trial customers.

According to Konfino, the challenge of obtaining merchant accounts for the trial continuity program combined with the recent merchant account closures has been absolutely devastating for the Nutra industry. On the other hand, this weeds out some competition, allowing other advertisers to continue to grow.

NutraSupps Private Label was founded with the goal of providing advertisers an edge. Konfino and his team were able to do this by supplying them with the very best formulas at competitive prices that are specifically designed for trial continuity programs. NutraSupps Private Label offers a potent product with an almost immediate effect, and provides value to consumers. Thus, providing advertisers with better rebill percentages.

Their team developed their own proprietary formulas based on best-selling Nutra products with the intention of providing quality products to consumers. This allowed them to increase the lifetime value of customers and grow advertiser’s profits, which creates a win-win for both the consumer side and the advertiser side.

Konfino believes that individual’s mindsets need to shift from the old ‘churn and burn’ business model to one that looks to provide real value to customers. He adds that it does not mean that trial continuity has to cease to exist, but rather businesses need to learn from recent setbacks and start creating business models that are based on providing more value and goodwill to consumers.

In an ever-changing market where consumers are becoming more educated and aware of the online world, Konfino states that businesses have to push themselves to be three steps ahead of the customer, and provide solutions to them. In this case, NutraSupps Private Label’s solution has been to provide their customers with great formulas. As a result, Konfino says their clients, advertisers with an intermediate to advanced skill level, have seen up to a 33% increase in their rebills. As for the current state of the Nutra industry, he believes that the hybridization of the trial continuity program will be one of the leading solutions.

NutraSupps Private Label uses the highest quality of raw materials to engineer their high potency formulas, while still keeping their costs down. They have managed to keep their product costs below the average prices in the industry. Additionally, they offer promotions such as free freight.

Their services are not solely for seasoned Nutra advertisers – NutraSupps Private Label cater to affiliates who want to branch out to Nutra and create their own brands as well. Konfino says that he has seen many affiliates successfully create their own products, launch Shopify stores, and drive their sales using social media influencers.


All of their products are manufactured in GMC partnered facilities, with an estimated 4 week turnaround time. Their proprietary blends are of the utmost quality, which will give advertisers the competitive edge needed to succeed in the marketplace. Given the current difficult circumstances, it is important that advertisers supply products that provide value to consumers in order to strive in the Nutra industry.

NutraSupps Private Label makes it easy for Nutra advertisers to work with them. If you are an advertiser, they can help you work on your existing formulas by making any altercations needed. You can also choose from their high-performing products, and place your own label on them so you can continue doing what you do best: marketing.


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