New-Age Celebrities: Leverage Your Brand Using Influencer Marketing


When browsing social media, it’s hard to ignore the thousands of seemingly regular people who have gained loyal followings by the thousands. These are our new-age Instagram celebrities: Social Media influencers. We see them brunching, working out with personal trainers, running to the farmer’s market… Essentially, they have exposed their followers to the glamorous version of their lives. As a result, they have developed a dedicated following of people who admire them for being regular individuals that live an enviable life.

In the marketing world, influencers are our biggest champions at the moment. While brands try to strategize in order to appear relatable to their consumers, influencers have already established trust and presence with their followers. This makes brands and influencers the perfect partners.

Below, we will explore the benefits of using social media influencers to promote your products or services.


Influencers’ strong presence does not only come from their frequent social media posts. Their personal involvement with their followers is arguably one of the most important strategies in growing their fan base.

If you scroll down the comments of an influencer’s Instagram posts, you will notice that they use interactive experiences to draw appeal. For example, they respond directly to comments from their followers. They reply to questions from their followers asking about the makeup they use, or the shoes they are wearing. These personal responses increase their authenticity and make them much more human to their audience.

They also use techniques such as posting giveaway and update videos. Again, this is creates a personal connection between influencers and their followers. It also allows them to discuss new products and services.

The ability influencers have to appeal to the emotions of their followers make them powerful marketers.

image: PassionPlanner instagram

Trust and Authenticity

As we know, influencers have developed a certain amount of credibility and authenticity among their followers. They keep their followers involved in their day-to-day lives, and as such, we develop a more personal connection to them. Your product is much more credible when you have a familiar face endorsing it. This is something that classic ads and celebrity endorsements lack.

As we know, Individuals are more apt to buy a product if someone they trust recommends it to them. According to Invesp, 94% of people trust product recommendations from influencers more than recommendations from friends and family members when it comes to. Ultimately, consumers trust influencers because they are enormously popular, every day people.

Influencers have great selling power, but they also link you to your audience. The connection between a brand and shoppers is an indispensable tool.

image: Lavendascloset instagram

The Right Influencer

Finally, influencers know their followers, so they have a good idea of how to pitch a new product or service using their unique voice. Choosing the right influencer makes all the difference, and can truly leverage your brand.

If the product you are looking to promote is more niche, look for an influencer who can help you reach people with a particular interest in that area. They will have a good understanding of what is on trend, and they will have the expertise needed to tailor their posts to their followers. Additionally, they can provide insight into the though process of your consumers.

image: KristinaBazan instagram

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