Money Amulet: The Offer of the Summer


AdCombo has presented their most promising offer of the Summer: Money Amulet.

Money Amulet was their best converting offer in Asia, and now it is conquering Europe. It performs extremely well with Facebook ads across all European geos.

Here are a few tips on how to run this offer with Facebook Ads:

  1. Put the pixel on “Thank you page” run lead optimization ad;
  2. Use the manual bidding. Enter the bid per lead so it equals half of the payout you have. Auto bidding will not perform;
  3. Daily budget is about 200 USD. If your account cannot run 200 per day, then you need to warm it up;
  4. Toggle the “Fast Delivery” function. If things go well, you will have up to 40-60 leads every hour;
  5. Hurry up. The offer has been live for over a week now. Affiliates who act quickly will definitely reap the benefits!

The payouts are between $14 to $19. If your campaign is not performing well, show it to your Affiliate Manager, and ask them for a bump or some help with the banners.

For more information on Money Amulet, visit AdCombo’s blog.

And Don’t waste time – Your competitors are already jumping on this offer.

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