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Founded in 2012, Social Solutions has established itself as the best social media account seller in the affiliate industry. Simply put, no other company in the space matches the scope and quality that Social Solutions offers to its clients. Since its launch, the company has been seeing steady growth across the industry.

Social Solutions consists of a team of 18 highly experienced professionals that work in different fields. The company is headquartered and managed out of Cyprus, although, they also have several smaller offices around the world. Currently, the company’s main operations are in the UK, Canada, and the USA. However, they do offer their solutions around the world and are gaining a lot of strength throughout Europe, especially as European accounts are gaining more popularity.

Much of Social Solutions’ success is due to the years of affiliate marketing experience and breadth of knowledge their staff has picked up. Most notably, the company’s founder, Yaniv C., who is an industry veteran. As an expert in the affiliate industry, Social Solutions’ founder acknowledged the industry’s need for better social media account seller.

We asked Yaniv how he got his start in the industry, and how exactly Social Solutions came about. He recounted the details saying: “I started in affiliate marketing in 2010 when I understood the incredible potential in this type of advertising. At the time there was no paid advertising, yet and I focused mainly on selling fan-pages and creating scripts. My first job in the affiliate world was with Obey network – some of you veterans may still remember the legendary owner, whose name I don’t need to mention here”.

He elaborated on this, stating “I was very enthusiastic and wanted to know everything there is to know, and I never stopped at anything, continuously working out solutions, when things slowed down. This is how I became an expert in the industry and earned myself a reputation. I quickly gained experience and made a lot of good and valuable friends which I’m still very close with. Some of them are the brightest and best people in the field, and I still learn from them” explained Yaniv.

Social Solutions Founder Yaniv C.

“After two years I felt it was time to establish my own company. I wanted to push for more quality and a broader solution than what was out there at the time. I felt there was more a service provider could do for its clients, and I was the one to do it. I wanted to make this type of advertising as simple and profitable for the customer as possible. That’s how Social Solutions was born. Today we are the biggest player in the game.” he added.  

When asked about how Social Solutions differs from its competitors, Yaniv replied “Very simple: Our product is one of a kind. I don’t know of anybody in the industry who can match the scope and quality we offer – and I know the industry inside out.” Their objective is to always follow their motto: “Focus on one thing you are good at”. As a customer at Social Solutions, they won’t just give you an account and leave you to figure things out for yourself. The account is merely the basis of their services. They provide their clients with a complete plug and play package with a full advertising solution, exclusively from real people.

In contrast to other companies that use farmed accounts, all Social Solutions accounts are genuine, from real people. Yaniv states that “this means they have a longer lifespan, they have greater stability, can be retrieved if banned, and you can spend much larger amounts, which is a huge benefit”. Another significant advantage of using Social Solutions is that there are no third party platforms involved.

Social Solutions Founder Yaniv C.

In the future, Social Solutions’ main goal is to continue growing alongside their clients. They are striving to ensure their customers keep increasing their profits by using their solution. “You see, only when our customers make a profit, so can we. It goes hand in hand. That means we need to stay on top of the game and the challenges. That’s what it takes to remain an industry leader.” says Social Solutions’ founder, Yaniv.

Despite their huge success in the industry, Social Solutions has had their fair share of obstacles to overcome. On this subject, Yaniv expressed that “Social media networks have always been a challenge and always will be. Networks are rapidly growing and constantly changing; features are added and removed, algorithms modified, regulations amended, the security advanced, just to name a few.”

He continued, saying “Everything is constantly evolving and advancing. Our objective is to make sure our clients are not negatively affected by any of this. It’s not enough to keep up with the changes. Our job is always to be one step ahead. That’s why our R&D and strategic teams are made up of highly professional, super committed people, each one hand-picked and an expert in his/her field.”

For them, keeping up with these changes is not enough – they try to make sure they’re always ahead of the curb. The company manages to do this with the help of their highly professional and committed R&D and strategic teams who are experts in their fields.

Meet Up with Social Solutions

Social Solutions attends all important meet-ups and events in the industry. To find out where and when you can schedule a meeting with them next, get in touch with them directly via Skype.

They also welcome all who want to meet with them at their headquarters in Cyprus at any time.

Get in Touch

To get in touch with Social Solutions, contact them via Skype:

*Note from Social Solutions: Please double check, that you are talking to the correct Skype account. We have heard from some clients that there’s someone out there claiming to be us. You can verify that you’ve reached the right account by messaging our support Skype at live:topup_12.

To learn more about the company, visit


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