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It’s almost December, and in the world of Affiliation, this can only mean one thing to online marketers, networks, and publishers. That’s right, BANGKOK, BABY!

Not only is time for AWAsia (AWA), the biggest affiliate marketing event of the year, but it’s also time for the Bangkok Bash.

Hundreds of top marketers from all over the world will be gathering for the show of the year. Year after year, AWA has proven to be the most eventful and anticipated show in the industry.

By the end of November, folks in the industry from around the world will be flying to Bangkok and preparing for 2 days of networking, talking business strategy, and chatting about how unfair the Zuck is being with FB approval rates and account bans.

After this year’s highly successful AW Europe (AWE) show in Barcelona, Media500 is very keen to get back into ‘conference mode’. We will see you all in Bangkok!

What can you expect from Media500 in Bangkok?

After being Diamond sponsors at AWE, this year Media500 have decided to take a super, 2-floor booth (B34) and will be exhibiting near the main coffee stand. Please come by to say hi, have a drink, chat and, of course, hear about our offers, conversion rates and what we do. You can even just stop by to snap some photos with our models. 😉


This year, Media500 are proud sponsors of the Bangkok Bash, hosted by the fantastic “Mr. Romance”, Gerald Della Porta. The Bangkok Bash is one of the most eagerly anticipated parties of the year and will be hosted on the top floor at one of the classiest and most popular clubs in Bangkok.

The Bangkok Bash is strictly an invite-only event and has now closed its doors to sponsorship opportunities.

Once again, Media500 will also be proud sponsors of the Ad Buyers meet up on the 6th of December, after the show has finished.

Who’s going where and who’s doing what after AWA?

Once again, After AWA, attendees will be traveling to Phuket and staying in the Tim Burd villa. It was a massive hit last year and looking to be as eventful this year with so many activities going on. There is also talk of going to the beautiful region of Krabi.

Media500 will most likely be hitting up Krabi for a few days of well-deserved R&R. What are your thoughts and where will you be heading?

Media500 is very much looking forward to seeing you all at AWA in a couple of weeks. Don’t forget to come by booth B34 to say hi!

We have launched a few new offers since Barcelona and our stats are on fire.

Sign up here if you haven’t opened an account yet. Or contact your AM to hear about our latest offers.

See you all soon!

Written by: Media 500, Contributing Editor 


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