Media500 – Casino, Lotto, Nutra and Of course the best converting finance and trading offers and pre-landers


    With Conversion rates and EPC’s through the roof, it’s hard to deny how successful and competitive Media500 have become. From just another network start-up to Diamond Sponsors of AWE 2018 in Barcelona to Silver Sponsors of a highly successful Ad Buyers meet up to an insanely successful closing party in Pacha which I’m sure most of you remember very well. 

     It’s become relatively clear that Media500 have become strong players in the Affiliate world. With the unique ability to able to spit out new high converting offers at the rate they do gives Media500 a much higher advantage over their competitors.  

    Media500 has expanded their portfolio of verticals to Casino LOTTO and Nutra. For the beginning stages of breaking into these new verticals, Contact your AM for the latest offers or contact one of the AM’s below 

     “You can expect big things from Media500. We’re in the process of generating our own or exclusive offers in Casino Nutra and LOTTO and fully intend to take over in these niches with regards to creativity, versatility for our affiliates and as always path the way in terms of partnerships and JV’s. We’re not here to be second best” – Benjamin Rose Media500. 

    Media500, has created a buzz for themselves in Barcelona back in July as well as the success they’ve had proving their weight in the finance arena are now looking to branch out and become tough competitors in other verticals (TECH SOFTWARES SUCH AS CRM AND CAMPAIGNS OPTIMIZERS).   

     “We strongly believe there are many factors that come into play when trying to prove we’re the network for you. Each of these factors we make our mission to fine tweak and make as easily and readily available for our Affiliates and publishers to have access to at any point” 

    Anyone that’s either heard of Media500 or had the pleasure of working with them will know how much due-diligence and attention they put towards making partnerships with other networks and JV’s with affiliates or publishers work and are highly optimized as much as possible.   

    What other Verticals.

    Lotto has had a real boom in interest recently and has such a wide variety of sub-categories to work with making it a much more interesting vertical in terms of options for creativity and broadness.  

    As for Nutra and Casino, they have always been strong verticals. With numerous Subcategories as well as payment solutions you’re sure to be able to find your footing in these verticals.  

    Media500 is fast becoming one of the most recognized and trusted networks in the affiliate industry and are looking to go a lot further. Like expanding to the white hat verticals such as Medical Tourism. 

    This essentially entails people purchasing packages including tickets, hotels, transport and medical treatment in a one-time payment. Offering extremely high deals on lead generation.

     Media500 say they put a lot of their success down to strong partnerships, well-managed campaigns highest pay-out’s and instant results for their affiliates and pubs.  

     Get in touch with Media500 today or contact your AM for the latest highest converting Finance, lotto, Nutra, and Casino offers and start generating higher profits instantly. 


    Affiliate Managers: 

    Benjamin Rose – Sonny.ian 

    Ilan: ilan.jvp
    Moti: live:moti 

    David: live:davidgrare


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