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CryptosPartner Ltd. is a network specializing in the cryptocurrency and nutra spaces in multiple geos, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Nordics, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Australia. While they are a relatively new network to the affiliate marketing industry, they have an excellent team of experienced professionals, great offers with industry-leading payouts, and cutting edge marketing tools to help affiliates maximize conversion rates.

Founded in June, 2017, CryptosPartner Ltd. was established to cope with a rapidly increasing workload. Their headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria house a team of 7 in their office, including a general network management team, technicals, and affiliate managers. As a network, they stand out largely due to their great team. CryptosPartner Ltd. differs from other networks in that they like to stand apart from the crowd. Instead of pushing their team to act as copycats following industry trends, they grow their business by analyzing their team’s unique strengths and using them to their benefit. Building lasting and trusted partnerships with their affiliates ranks among one of their top priorities as an affiliate network.

Prior to establishing the network, the team at CryptosPartner Ltd. gained experience in the industry working as brokers in sales and client management. Their previous experience as brokers and working directly with clients and managing staff allows them to provide excellent support to their affiliates, unlike many other networks that simply rebroker other business’ offers.

Establishing an affiliate network certainly has its challenges, particularly in the first few months of development. One of the biggest challenges for CryptosPartner Ltd. was making a name for themselves in a large industry and among so many other competing CPA networks. According to CryptosPartner Ltd., it typically takes six to twelve months for networks to build up their list of clients, and create a reputation. For them, it took a few months to start seeing the growth they are seeing now. In addition, they were initially challenged with putting together a team that have the right skill set and values in order to scale their business. This was essential for the network considering that they pride themselves on providing personalized and expert service to their clients. Although they are are a new affiliate network, they have overcome their challenges in just a few months, and made a name for themselves, particularly in the crypto and nutra verticals. CryptosPartner Ltd.’s team declared that they are proud and confident in their accomplishments over the last few months, and they are excited about where their business is heading. 

Contrary to many other affiliate networks who only accept a select few affiliates based on experience and their previous campaigns, CryptosPartner Ltd. welcomes new affiliates to their network. They believe that it is essential for them to accept new affiliates as they are the future of the industry. In the future, they expressed their desire to continue growing their network by partnering with affiliates and developing long term relationship with them to produce the most successful campaigns together. CryptosPartner Ltd. build strong partnerships with their affiliates by working in a cooperative manner with them. They provide them with insight and guidance, while listening to what their affiliates want and need from them. 

Affiliates can expect to see CryptosPartner Ltd. at the Bucharest Bash on May 31st that will be hosted by Glize and Mr. Romance. In addition, they will be at the AWE conference in Barcelona from July 18th-20th. Both events are exciting opportunities to meet with networks like CryptosPartner Ltd., advertisers, and other affiliates from around the world!



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  1. AMAZING!! Always paying on time, have the best affiliate managers, i will continue working with these guys in future 🙂


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