Magic Hygeia – COD Necessity Products!

  1. When was Magic Hygeia established?

We were established in August 2017.

  1. Where is your team located? How big is your team?

We are based in Hong Kong and we have branch in Xi’an city, China mainland.

We have over 80 staff, including call center and houseware staff based overseas.

  1. Which verticals and countries do you specialize in?

We’re focusing on Asian and European GEOs. Our strongest GEOs are TW, TH, VN and MY, while European countries, RO, IT, ES. More European countries are on the way too!

For verticals, we mainly do nutra, like male enhancement, skin care, diet, weight loss and health & beauty. For Asia we’re also doing COD on daily necessity products such as; earphones, clothing, baby care and much more! All our own branded products are all made in USA.

4. What differentiates Magic Hygeia from its competitors?

  • We are the first advertiser & affiliate network focusing on COD based in China. We have local warehouses, professional call centers and efficient delivery chains.
  • With rich resources on Asian factories and deep cooperating suppliers, we can save our cost to share more profits with our affiliates.
  • All the products promoted in Europe are our own brands.
  • We initiate LPs with address requested, which gives higher approval rates of up to 80%!
  • Our first language is Chinese and we are based in Asia, so we have much more advantages in local culture and languages in Asian GEOs.
  • We can provide our affiliates with fruity prelanders and free translation service.
  • According to the requests of our VIP affiliates, we can customize LP’s.

5. How did you get your start in affiliate marketing?

At the very beginning, our team only included a couple of professional pioneers working in affiliate marketing and product development for 10+ years to begin with Asian GEOs. We have realized that Chinese factories can produce the best products with lowest cost, so we have the geographical advantages to begin our career. We grow faster and faster during last 8 months, holding the faith that we could lead a healthy way for the force of Cash-on-delivery worldwide. 

6. What are Magic Hygeia’s goals for the future?

  • After months of hard work, our marketing in Asia is doing great.  Currently we are focusing on Europe markets based on our experience in Asia; meanwhile we have a big team to brainstorm more ideas and sales skills especially for EU.
  • Although compared to others networks our approval rate is much better, we are still trying our best to optimize every process till customers get what they want, which will give both customer and publisher satisfaction.
  • Our branded products get globalized.

7. When and where will affiliates have the opportunity to meet with you next?

We will participate in AWE 2018 in Barcelona, as well as AWA 2018 in Thailand, we have booth there. 

Currently we have visited many of our VIP publishers in EU and USA, and we are expecting to meet more new partners!


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