Key Steps to Effectively Define and Target your Audience


Determining your target audience is a vital step in creating a marketing campaign. One cannot establish an effective campaign without taking the time to research your clientele, understand their needs and buying behaviors. You are catering to them, after all. Defining and targeting your audience involves doing market research and studying your consumers so you can develop a constructive plan to reach them. From there, you can see where there are opportunities to grow your brand among your audience.

Below, we have outlined some key steps for you to easily define and reach your target audience.

Learn from your Competitors

Studying your competitors is a great way to gain an understanding of who your target audience is, and what strategies work for them. In view that that they are promoting similar products and services, your clients will also be very similar. This will give you an idea of which demographics you should start to research.

By observing what your competitors have done in the past, you will also be able to eliminate certain tactics that have already been tried by them. They have already tested out different methods that may or may not have worked, which you can then use to map out your strategy.

Outline who your customers are

In order to successfully reach your audiences, you will need to ascertain which groups you intend to advertise to. Since your customers will likely fit into different categories, you will need to develop various marketing plans to use depending on which group your customers fit into. For example, your message will need to be communicated differently when you are targeting women aged 45-65 living in the United Kingdom than when you are marketing a product to women in their twenties living in Florida.

Again, Researching your audiences becomes very helpful in this case. There will not be one approach to advertising that works for each individual group. Getting a grasp of your different audiences’ concerns, likes, and how they interact will give you a good idea of how to tailor the promotion of your product or service to them. The best way to learn about them is to analyze what they themselves are saying about similar products and services, which we will explore in our next point.

Where is your Target Audience Doing their Research?

One of the most important steps in defining and reaching your target audience is to look at where your clientele is doing their own research on similar products and services. You can find this sort of information on forums, comments on blogs, and reviews to name a few.

There is a lot to learn from these sources. The commentary that takes place on these platforms allows you to see feedback coming directly from your customers. Most importantly, your brand can use this information to gain insight about what your competitors may being doing better, or if there are any gaps that you can fill.

In addition, make sure your brand is visible to your audience wherever they are doing their research. For example, you can leave comments in forums and on blog posts to promote your business. Take it as an opportunity for you to put yourself right in front of them.


Once you have a clear idea of whom you are targeting, you can build “personas”. Studies have shown that building personas is an effective way to plan out how you can cater to your different audiences. Create in depth situations and evaluate strategies that can be used when dealing with various customers.

Creating personas will help keep you on track when you are designing blueprints to put into action. It will also give you a sense of what opportunities you can explore within your individual audiences.

Finally, it should be noted that your target audiences evolve constantly. To maintain a connection with your customers, the process of reaching and defining your audiences should be on going and re-examined frequently.



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