Interview with BitterStrawberry: Recognized as the BEST CPA network by the IPMA Jury


BitterStrawberry, top independent performance network, is known for having the best solutions for mobile traffic, targeted offers across the globe, and an experienced team of talented publisher account managers and client-side account managers. This led them to be recognized  by the prestigious IPMA jury as the best CPA network focused on performance on a global scale.

Their team is headquartered in Appenzell, Switzerland, and have an operational office located in Bucharest, Romania. Their unrivaled technology set new standards in the affiliate marketing world and allowed them to increase the RPMs and to process more consumers every month.

Recently, the company created an amazing opportunity for their partners to start making money within the Nutra vertical by launching their own branded offers. Their first Nutra products have already hit the European Market, and they providing great conversion rates and high payouts.

There is no doubt that BitterStrawberry is one of the most successful networks in the industry, We had the pleasure of interviewing Carmen Lumina, Managing Director of BitterStrawberry, to discuss how their network stands out from their competitors, and how they are dominating the Nutra industry.

MKRTHUB: So, tell us what makes BitterStrawberry a true leader in the industry? What is the secret of your success?

Carmen Lumina: Hello guys, first of all, I want to congratulate you on setting up this platform! Maintaining an open and efficient communication among your partners, constantly providing the best exposure for their offers, and opportunities in the industry will help all of us to expand our audience and reach, and to grow our programs.

Now back to our network. What differentiates us in the market (besides all the aspects you mentioned above) is that BitterStrawberry is designed to end repetitive tasks and illogical flows. Instead, we focus on the processes of maximizing the affiliate marketer’s earnings from every click.

We have a proven record of providing immediate and effective results in segmentation and performance targeting. We can also guarantee that we can deliver 30-50% more income on the same amount of traffic.


Another one of our greatest accomplishments is that we always develop products that make a real difference on the market. This gives us a competitive advantage that is difficult for other networks to replicate.

Moreover, we recently launched our own Nutra offers. The Nutra vertical has a promising future, and it has provided us with an extra boost because all the big players want to invest their money in Nutra. Another great benefit of our products is that they are fully compliant  with EU legislation. In addition, we are able to provide all the necessary marketing materials and tools to help affiliates make insightful decisions.

So, in fact, there is no “secret to our success”. We always work the extra mile, bring the most talented and devoted professionals to our team, and keep on top of technological changes and new trends.

MKRTHUB: We had the pleasure to meet yourself and your team team. It seems like BitterStrawberry has built a team of of hard working, responsible, and young professionals with diverse backgrounds and personalities. The staff members we have worked with really know how to take care of their affiliates and advertisers, and they go the extra mile to assure they provide excellent support.

Do you think your dynamic and experience team what enables the network to form strong partnerships, and promote growth?

Carmen Lumina: You are right, we are always looking for people that can make a difference. We don’t want people who will just turn up for a job. We look for new hires that have a  passion for technology, and value creativity and success. We are a great team and we always leverage opportunities for growth. We are dedicated and our mission is what drives us to be our best every single day. This is what keeps our business rolling.

This is why our long-lasting partnerships have survived for so long. Our ability to respond to new opportunities with transparency, stay in touch with all of our affiliates, and always deliver them great results has made us who we are today.

MKRTHUB: How has affiliate marketing industry changed since you started working in the industry?

Carmen Lumina: In 2010, when we started, there were really was no limits as to what you could do in affiliate marketing. There were no limits on earnings. You could send bulk traffic to an offer, and it was converting. You could get high conversion rates on any product and profitable campaigns without much effort.

However, things have changed, and now you need to send highly targeted traffic in order to succeed in the industry. Users are better educated and they expect their digital experience to be fast and seamless. They know what they want to buy, so you need to adjust your messages accordingly and use the right tools to target your relevant audiences. With the new regulations, affiliates will struggle to create profitable campaigns without the right tools.

The market needs an advanced, real time analytics platform that could allow affiliates and performance marketers to track the progress and profitability of their campaigns. We addressed these needs and developed a FREE tool that allows affiliates to split the traffic between offers under their own conditions, and create their own rotation of offers with custom rules. With these tools, the whole marketing industry has evolved.

MKRTHUB: We love what you did with your offices. How does it feel to work in such a creative space every day?

Carmen Lumina: Thank you! We built the world we live in with love and dreams, and shaped our environment with a lot of passion. There are many studies that show the positive impacts of having a creative space. A nice office space contributes to employee happiness and productivity.  

Our staff members feel comfortable in a supportive environment, where they are able to express their individuality and creativity. This establishes greater job satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity.

It’s true that it wasn’t easy or cheap to transform the office into the creative space it is today, but we are always doing our best to foster creativity and provide our all the essential resources to generate new ideas and feel inspired.

A modern workplace is a metric of success and our super creative office makes performance fun and engaging!

MKRTHUB: What else would you do if you could start all over again?

Carmen Lumina: It’s obvious that we made some mistakes along the way and there will always be some things we should have done differently, but then again, it’s been a learning process and our decisions have led us to where we are now.

I believe that mistakes are good. If you are willing to be proactive, failure will come, but as long as you can learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward, you will meet your goals. It is the only way. We cannot change our past, but we can always prepare for the future!

However, if I had to put my finger on something, I’d say I wish we wouldn’t have waited so long to create our own branded products. We have our own selection of Nutra products now and they are killing the European Market. Nevertheless, we are grateful for all of the experiences we had.

As long as you are confident, you work hard everyday and set some short-term milestones so you can always measure your performance, listen to your gut and always think big, you can make an impact in any industry.

MKRTHUB: What challenges do you see for the future of your Nutra products?

Carmen Lumina: In Europe at least, the Nutra vertical evolves and changes quickly, and this is unlikely to change in the future.

It seems that the trends are positive without big challenges standing their way. It is true that consumers can be a bit confused because of the contradictory information they find on the internet. Yet, as long as you know how to enhance consumer’s awareness by promoting solid scientific data as we are doing, it shouldn’t be a problem.

You need to assure the buyer about the efficacy standards and as long as your products meet all EU standards, as ours do, you have no reason to worry.

MKRTHUB: Where can we meet up with BitterStrawberry next?

Carmen Lumina: Well, Affiliate World Europe is around the corner so, BitterStrawberry will not miss this chance to meet all the affiliate masterminds and discover the latest trends in the industry.

We will be in Barcelona between the 18th and 20th July, ready to check out the newest technologies and products on the market, create new opportunities, and introduce our partners to our new in-house Nutra products.

You can find us at Booth #B2 in case you are interested in our Nutra collection or other ways to optimize your campaigns. If you are attending Affiliate World Europe, stop by and let’s have a chat!


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