Gotzha – A top affiliate network with two offices located in Bangkok and Amsterdam, these guys focus heavily on their own branded offers including but not limited to; Sweepstakes, Apps, Casino & leadgen.

Their team of 12 highly talented Affiliate managers and business developers that go the extra mile to take care of their affiliates and advertisers make Gotzha a true leader in the industry!

We had the pleasure of interviewing their Network manager and partner – Fabrizio Manese:

Hey Fabi glad to have you on MKRTHUB, tell us a little about Gotzha network and what you guys do:

Thanks Guys! Thanks for setting up this platform, it was much needed 🙂

We are an affiliate network with offices in Bangkok and Amsterdam. We operate in quite a big variety of verticals such as sweeps, casino, apps, mobile content, nutra and casino. We like to go where the market goes. We are not bound to specific verticals and we like to change things up. We have a very dynamic and a compact team which can manouver in whichever way.

What makes gotzha different from the other networks in the industry:

I think there are 2 main reasons why we are a bit different:

First of all, we are a super dynamic, eager and young bunch of people. This makes us very hard working but also very down to earth. There is no hierarchy within the company and everyone has a lot of freedom and responsibility. This makes us faster than most networks. We also deliberately keep the team small so we can make sure everyone is up to date of all the developments in the business and that everyone gets the training they need in order to be the best at their job while simultaniously maintaining the company culture.

We treat our partners like real business partners. We like to think that we work on the success of our partners together. I really don’t think networks and affiliates have been as close as we have been with our pubs. Bangkok is a perfect example, we have a huge affiliate marketing community and we are simultaniously a group of friends going out together. This is exactly the vision we have for all our partnerships. We also organize dinners with our advertisers because we feel that that is not happening often enough, products owners could also learn from each other. So we facilitate them as well to grow their business that way.
Furthermore there are a lot of promises that networks make such as around the clock support. But for us its the bare minimum you should do in order to deserve the business of advertisers and/or affiliates. We for example facilitate creditcards, pre-payments and insights into other verticals.

Secondly we try to not only work on certain verticals, but ideally own offers in all the verticals we run. We have our own mobile products and sweepstake trials. This brings an extra boost in opportunities for our partners and also brings way more knowledge among our sales managers. In the near future we will be bringing in more of our products in the verticals we do ,so you could maybe guess what our next steps might be;)

We love your Gotzha Tuktuk, do you drive that to work every day?

Haha thanks! The tuktuk is very cool but also a pain in the *ss. It’s a bit harder to drive than you would think, especially in the crazy Bangkok traffic and unfortunately it breaks quite often haha. We used to drive it to the gym once in a while though and its really epic to drive around in it. We are preparing the Tuktuk for the next conference in Asia so that our partners can say they finally drove a tuktuk!

How did you get into affiliate marketing and whats your background:

I got introduced by a friend around 4.5 years ago at the age of 22 when I was still working on my thesis. My background has literally nothing to do with this business, which makes sence because even if we were talking about the subject of marketing, affiliate marketing itself was just a super small (a couple of pages in a book) part of the study. I’ve always been interested and good at sales though and there is no better field than affiliate marketing to do some hard sales 😉

What was your biggest challenge when you started Gotzha:

The cockroaches in our first small office in Chiang mai haha.

We started a bit over 2 years ago from scratch with super basic facilities. Obviously when you are new and have a lot of established networks its hard to gain awareness. We still have that affiliates don’t know us, sign-up and are impressed with what we have accomplished on the offer side. And advertisers are suprised by the amount and quality of traffic we can bring in. I think we did very well in 2 years and I believe most of the market knows our name by now, but it’s for sure hard in the beginning to gain the trust of affiliates and advertisers when you don’t have any track record. Bangkok and Amsterdam definitely helped with that since the community is so huge in both cities. We also organize pretty awesome boat parties when STM organizes the conference in Bangkok. You are really able to put your name out there when organizing a big party.

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry over the last few months, where do you think the affiliate marketing industry is heading in the future:

You actually see already that a lot of networks got hit by recent changes, some went out of business, some dropped a lot in revenue. I think you have to stay on top of your game. You cannot run campaigns blindly anymore and expect everything to work out just fine.

You need to be managing campaigns way more thoroughly, may it be with a better onboarding process for affiliates, building your own fraud detection system or optimizing campaigns on demographic levels.

As from the affiliate side, facebook and native are harder to run. We see that the number of affiliates is going down slightly and the seasoned affiliates who have processes in place can remain on top of their game.

On the advertiser side we see that mobile content offers took a big hit because of the tention with the carriers and in apps there is more fraud than ever before.

What do you enjoy the most about being in the affiliate industry:

Getting deals done. The people you get to know, I could hang out with people from India to South Africa to the United States. I became close friends with affiliates and even though they are not in the business anymore we still do stuff together. I also enjoy to see people in the team growing and to actually form and establish a great team and work together as well as we do. I am very proud of that.

Where do you see Gotzha in 3 years?

We are striving to be the biggest network within the verticals we do. I think for some of the verticals we are already or we are very close but we would like to dominate all of the verticals we do. I hope we can grow our branded apps business and that we partnered up with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Where can we meet up with Gotzha next?

Of course we will be in Barcelona for Affiliate World Conference and, as always, we will organize some events for our affiliates and advertisers! We will have a booth too where you can stop by and have a talk and get a drink together.

They also throw a pretty epic annual boat party in Bangkok around the Affiliate World Conference

To sign up with Gotzha affiliate network and their amazing team click here >





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