Instagram Launches Live Hashtag and Profile Links for User Bios


Last week, Instagram introduced clickable profile and hashtag links for their users’ bios. According to the social media platform, the goal in creating live links is to provide you with the opportunity to express yourself, and display what you care about most in your bio.

How it works

Essentially, the active hashtag and profile links will become live when you put a ‘#’, or a ‘@’ in your profile. From there, the live links can be clicked on by your profile visitors, which will lead them directly to the hashtag or account pages you included in your bio.


In order to add live hashtags and profile links, click on ‘Edit Profile’ on your profile page, and add ‘#’, or a ‘@’ to see a list of recommended hashtags and profile pages. After you have chosen the ones that suit you best, they will be immediately linked to your profile.

Instagram also mentioned that you would receive an alert every time a user would like to add your ‘@account’ to their bio. In this case, you have the option to remove the profile link if you choose. By removing the profile, your account will still appear in their bio, however the link will disappear. This gives you the control over who associates themselves with your account.

Why you should use it

When Instagram introduced their new tool, they stated that the intent in using live bio links is to give their users the opportunity to express themselves. They bring you closer to the trends that matter to you. Hashtag and profile links allow you to connect with other individuals who are like-minded or share the same interests as you. The new feature makes it so easy for users to build communities on the app and increase interaction, which makes it a great tool for both businesses and individuals.

Adding relevant hashtags and account links to your bio will ensure that your profile comes up in relevant search queries, which is extremely useful for users who are looking to grow their accounts. This means you no longer need to tag various accounts and add dozens of hashtags in your photo comments to gain visibility. As expressed by SocialMediaToday, using active links lets you join a larger conversation and connect you to the subjects that you wish to engage with more easily.

It can also help expand your business by introducing you to other companies and individuals you can collaborate with. For example, a cosmetics company can use profile links and hashtags to find influencers to promote their products. Linking a company’s account to an Instagram influencer’s profile is a great way to increase traffic, and it could be mutually beneficial for both parties.



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