Improve your Landing Pages and Increase your CTR and CVR With VWO and Hotjar


Understanding what attracts your visitors is essential to improve your landing pages and increase your click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rates(CVR). Without knowing where your users are dropping off, it is difficult to determine where you should make changes to your landing pages. There are several great tools that can help you evaluate different elements of your web page so you can see where you are losing your visitors, and what changes you can make accordingly. Both VWO and Hotjar have great tools that study your users’ behavior and provide you with data to help you make the right changes to increase your CVR and CTR.

Below, we will go over some of VWO and Hotjar’s best tools to help you optimize your landing pages.

VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

The smaller elements of your website, such as headlines, images and links can affect your conversion rates much more than you realize. Evaluating these elements and making the appropriate adjustments to your landing page can have a significant impact on your sales and revenue. VWO has several great tools that can help you optimize your landing page by making changes based on testing and analysis. Below, we will cover three of their tests: A/B testing, Multivariate testing, and Split URL testing.

A/B testing

Simply put, VWO’s A/B testing (split testing) compares two versions of a web page to determine which performs better. This is done by showing two web pages to similar users at the same time, and seeing which has the best conversion rates.

The following elements can be tested with split testing:

  • Images
  • Links
  • Headlines
  • Paragraph text
  • Call to Action text
  • Sub headlines
Image: VWO

Multivariate testing

With multivariate testing, VWO analyses multiple changes you make to your website in order to “find out all possible permutations and combinations of your changes”. This test is similar to A/B testing, however it is takes it a few steps further. Multivariate testing is good for people who need to test several elements on a web page. With multivariate testing, you can run tests with desktop, mobile, or tablet device users.

Image: VWO

Some key features of this test include:

  • Enabling/disabling combinations: Compare combinations by enabling them, and see which combinations do not match your requirements by disabling them.
  • Auto-combinations: VWO will create all possible combinations for you, so you can analyse and compare.

Split URL testing

Image: VWO

Split URL testing is a great tool to use when you are making big changes to your website’s design. This test allows you to split your traffic up between two different URLs, but visitors will see the same landing page.

To provide you with the insights necessary to make improvements to your landing page, VWO also provide comprehensive data to support your split URL tests. Their data reports can shed light on goal/variation performance, conversion rate range, etc.


Hotjar’s tools are easy to use, and are accompanied by great visuals that show you which areas of your landing page are attracting the most of your visitors. These tools can assist you by showing you where you can make changes to your landing pages in order to boost click-through rates and conversion rates. Below we will go over three of their most useful tools: Heatmaps, Recordings, and Funnels.


Heatmaps provide you with a visual representation of your user’s ‘clicks, taps, and scrolling behaviour’. It is an excellent tool to help you understand what your customers care about most, by showing you which parts of your web page are focal points for them. Hotjar have 3 different types of heat maps: Click and Tap Heatmaps, Move Heatmaps, and Scroll Heatmaps.

  • Click and Tap Heatmaps: As you can see above, Heatmaps are colour coded to show you where your visitors are clicking the most. The specific areas on your web page that have warmer colours are the ones that have been clicked on the most.
Image: Hotjar
  • Move Heatmaps: Move Heatmaps shows you where your visitors have moved their mouse across the screen of a web page. The warmer colours on the screen indicate where your visitors moved their mouse the most.

    Image: Hotjar
  • Scroll Heatmaps: Scroll Heatmaps track how far down your visitors scroll down on a page. Hotjar presents this with a color scale, along with the average percentages of how many users scrolled down to different sections of your page.
Image: Hotjar


Another tool that will help you understand how what visitors focus on while they are on your web pages is Recordings. This tool uses “Recordings of real visitor behavior on your site. By seeing your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements you can identify usability issues on the fly and issues they encounter.” To acquire this information, Hotjar says they look at the following information:

  • HTML changes that happen while your visitor uses your pages
  • Mouse movements
  • Mouse clicks
  • Scroll movements
  • Keystrokes only for whitelisted input fields
  • Browser viewport size changes

Their feature can record logged in areas, shopping carts, and both static and dynamic pages.

Image: Hotjar


Finally, by using Hotjar’s feature called “Funnels”, you can see where you are losing visitors on your website. Funnels can help point you in the right direction by showing you the specific areas you can work on to improve your landing pages.

As explained by Hotjar, “Each Funnel will only show data for Visitors that visited the first step in your Funnel. So if you have two main sources of traffic for a goal, e.g., Homepage and Landing page, you will want a separate Funnel for each.”

Image: Hotjar

All in all, VWO and Hotjar’s tools are easy to navigate and very effective to show you where you lose your visitors interest, and what grabs their attention on your page. They eliminate the guesswork from the process. They are incredibly easy to navigate, and assist you by easily determining the changes you can make in order to optimize your landing pages. If you would like to increase your CTR and CVR on your landing pages, we highly recommend trying out these tools.



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