How Blogging More Frequently Drives Higher Traffic – A Study


We all know it is imperative to create great content to attract visitors to our websites. Your content should be captivating, engaging and written in the right tone and language for your readers. However, the quality of the content is only half of the equation. The quantity of your posts also drastically affects the amount of traffic you drive to your website. Below, we present evidence that demonstrates why you should post content on your website more frequently.

How Often Should you be Adding New Posts Every Month?

“businesses that posted over 16 new blog posts every month saw up to 3.5x more traffic compared to those who only posted 0-4 new posts on a monthly basis.”

In order to determine how often companies should be posting on their websites, Hubspot studied a sample of over 13,500 of their customers’ data. The main takeaways from their research was how often businesses should post on a monthly basis to see an increase in traffic, and how often they should post based on their company’s size.

It is not surprising that the more you add new content, the more people will visit your site. There is a direct correlation between how many times you post per month and how much traffic you see on your website. According to Hubspot’s study, businesses that posted over 16 new blog posts every month saw up to 3.5x more traffic compared to those who only posted 0-4 new posts on a monthly basis.

Posting more content every month is how your company will maintain and grow its readership. Of course the content you post should be interesting, but people are more likely to visit your website when they have more material to read as well.

How much should you post based on your company size?

Hubspot also shed light on how many posts businesses should be writing based on their company size. Again, the companies that posted the most content monthly were also driving the most traffic to their websites, no matter the company size.

As you can see in the graph above, businesses that were posting over 11 blog posts every month had the best results. By posting more, some of them were able to triple the amount of traffic on their site. Evidently, it is a great way to increase exposure.

Additionally, blogging is a relatively easy way to bring in new clientele and visitors to your website, and it does not cost a lot. With this in mind, it is particularly advantageous for smaller companies. The amount you will spend on content writing is much less than you will spend on other marketing methods, like purchasing online advertising space. A smaller company that may have less money to put towards marketing can easily boost their traffic by writing great posts on a regular basis.

Does the Total Amount of Posts on your Website Impact Traffic?

The answer to this is yes. Based on the results in the study, companies who had a larger library of blog posts saw more inbound traffic.


The visual above shows us that companies that had a library consisting of over 401 blog posts just about doubled their website’s traffic.

Blogging is a marketing technique you can use to achieve long-term results. Your posts will bring in new visitors long after you first publish them. People will visit your website to see your old posts weeks, months, and years down the line. If your business wants to drive higher traffic to their website, increasing the frequency of your posts is an easy and effective strategy.


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