How are we to handle Social Media

Social Media

Social Media is everywhere. You see school kids on iPhones or even toddlers with their iPads in the stroller. It’s undeniable that Social Media has a huge impact on todays society. We all love to share our opinions and experiences with millions and watch the latest funny clips and videos – but we must stay in control to put our devices down and walk away.

No matter if you wait for the bus, the train, sit in an airplane or just walk down the streets – you will see hundreds of people with their smartphone in their hand and their heads looking down. Hardly anyone is interacting anymore. Social Media has really taken over and is classified as an addiction.

It’s not all bad – just like everything in moderation, Social Media can show you the finest restaurants at your fingertips, the recent sports score, call you an Uber and many other things. People are more connected than ever but also more physicially disconnected than ever.

Walk into any restaurant and you will see almost every guest holds their smartphone device in their hands. No eye contact, no conversation. Checking Facebook, Twitter and feeling important is what counts these days.

This might sound sad for the most part but for us affiliate marketers, it is another goldrush. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter you name it.. all of them offer us a platform to advertise the latest and hottest product  and people are buying. Yes! They are buying everything from flashlights to booty-cream and skin care.

Shopping has become so much simpler, especially since the inception and seamless integration with shopify. It doesn’t take much skill anymore to setup your own Shopify store and start selling your favorite product or just simply sell products to make money.

But where does that leave us? Is Social Media taking over our lives?

Self-driving cars, keyless-go, Apple’s Face-ID and many more things have made our lives a lot easier and more comfortable.

Where is the human interaction? Are we able to live comfortable without all our smart devices?

As of now we can not afford to turn our backs on new technology – it evolves faster than ever, but our lives should not be ruled and consumed by gadgets.

It’s compromising to our health, our memory, or brain functions and many other issues that haven’t been 100% discovered yet.

We must use technology, but not rely on it. Use it wisely, use it smart and most of all – monetize it! Advertising rules will always get stricter, so don’t waste anymore time and wonder why everyone is Pokemon playing around you! Be the guy who installs Pokemon on their phone 😉


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