Have you seen our latest updates on the platform? BitterStrawberry went live in UK with their OWN NUTRA offers


Shaping the Future of Health Market- Growing, Gaining and Going Global!

Recent years have seen a lot of positive news about the nutritional supplement industry.  With the latest technological advancements, the dietary supplement industry has a fresh look and new resources for everyone interested in making some green dosh from this market.

The nutraceutical industry is shaping the future of health, growing, gaining and going globally. Because it allows affiliates to work with traffic from just above anywhere, everyone is more and more interested in exploring the new Nutra offers.

European consumers are headed for a significant improvement of their lifestyle and that is a great news for all those who want to start a nutraceutical business, reaping the benefits of the highest EPC (earnings per click) possible.

This healthy living trend became stronger and stronger, mostly in Western Europe: Germany, France, Italy and the UK, increasing the potential of a big profit considerably.

Make Britain Great again with BitterStrawberry’s own Nutra products.

These are just some of the main reasons, our passionately partners from BitterStrawberry launched a top-selling line of nutraceutical products, that bring you the highest payouts in the industry.

Unlike many other affiliate networks, BitterStrawberry is a direct advertiser, on this market. They actually have exclusive products that they produced under their own trademark and this results in the best outcomes and the highest revenues on the Nutra vertical.

Because their platform gives you updated live statistics and all the relevant data available, so you can determine what is the best target for a campaign you create, you can improve the conversion rates based on ideal targeting parameters. 

This, and the fact they provide you all the marketing materials you need to promote the products, will reduce your advertising costs and bring you plenty income. Affiliates are happy to stop the guessing game, knowing from the start where to allocate their efforts.

Having unique products, like Protecvital Plus, that recorded the highest conversion rates on the German market and saving you time and money on testing, the company has successfully sparked an amazing awareness movement, in Western Europe, in countries like Austria and Switzerland.

Affiliates were excited to access other markets as well and because of the great demand that UK has for supplements, Protecvital Plus has been featured in there also.

BitterStrawberry has rapidly expanded access to their own line of products delivering quality, wider geographical coverage and immediate sale results. 

The companies’ success continues to be built on these unique set of features, making consumers and critics to take a fresh look at the nutraceutical industry, with renewed respect.

Designed to cater to the highly innovative UK Nutra market, Protecvital Plus not only has social sustainability but also certifies a formula with natural ingredients that demonstrates environmental sustainability. 

The launch of Protecvital Plus comes as the UK Nutra industry continues to thrive, with global demand for natural products expected to fuel future growth.

Our sales success is just the tip of the iceberg

With the new UK launching event and BitterStrawberry’s products in the spotlight, we asked their managing partner, Carmen Lumina more details about this journey. 

“We strongly believe that innovation is at the heart of any industry’s success and this is what makes us stand out from our competitors and rule any vertical. The UK Nutra industry got renowned for innovation and this is the main reasons our products have such a great success.

They had impressive results on the European Market and this is why we decide to expand. Nutraceutical industry has more room for growth and our products are just the right fuel. 

It was an interesting journey until now and we are still working on a new line of products, that we hope will improving the lives of millions around the world. This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Licensed to convert Nutra in UK. Got the right traffic?

BitterStrawberry had launched new supplement on the UK market and recorded a great increase in the number of customers in all Western Europe. 

If you got traffic in the Nutra Vertical and caught yourself wondering what the best CPA are offers in terms of conversions and profits, we strongly recommend you to take a look at their own branded products, because they adopted a key position between the leaders in healthcare. 

For general info about their products, please visit www.protecvital.com or if you have any other questions you can ask us at contact@bitterstrawberry.com. 


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