Google Introduces the Google My Business Agency Dashboard

Image: Google

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of Google My Business Agency Dashboard, which is a new addition to theGoogle My Business platform. With Google My Business Agency Dashboard, businesses can easily manage multiple listings efficiently and intuitively using a single account. This new update is now live and available for use. The introduction of this new feature is partially due to an increase in local search on mobile devices. According to Google, it has grown 50% in recent years.

Here are a few of the features you can expect to see on the new Google My Business Agency Dashboard:

  • Manage all your locations under one account: Agencies will now be able to manage thousands of locations from one single account. Prior to this, users were limited to only 100 locations per account.
  • Send and receive invitations to manage listings: The Google My Business Agency Dashboard facilitates the process of sending and receiving invitations to manage Google listings. The status of users’ requests with be visible to them on the Agency Dashboard.
  • Location Groups: In order to make location management easier for agencies, all of the locations that are associated with a specific account will be contained within a Location Group (previously known as a business account). Users can request access to a customer’s location via a Location Group or customers can invite an agency’s Location Group to provide the with access..
  • User Groups: User Groups allow agencies to easily manage teams and control access to their location groups.
  • Search: With the Agency Dashboard, you can look for locations within your account or within any given Location Group.

The new Google My Business Agency Dashboard is just one of the many improvements to come for Google My Business. Over the last year, Google has launched a series of updates, including Google Post. This feature allows businesses to create short announcements, promotions, and more. Additionally, Google has also recently provided businesses with the opportunity to “edit and access their local listings informations directly from Google Search.” It is likely that we will see more changes and additions being made to Google My Business over the course of the next year. 

If you are interested in getting the new Agency Dashboard, register here.

Image: Search Engine Roundtable


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