Facebook releases additional API restrictions 


Facebook has announced that they will be making additional changes to their app development platform. Since April, the platform has been rolling out various changes and restrictions to their APIs in order to protect their users’ data. Now, apps will need to be reviewed by Facebook prior to gaining access to certain APIs.

The following updates were recently released by Facebook:

  • The Pages API: They are making it possible for developers to look for Facebook Pages through the Pages API. However, they will be required to pass Facebook’s review process in order to do this. Facebook hopes that this will “enable them to more easily find similar Pages, to @mention other Pages in Facebook comments or posts, and tag a Page in a Facebook ad for co-branding purposes.”
  • The Marketing API: The Marketing API is used by companies that wish to “automate and scale” their Facebook ads. As of now, Facebook apps will undergo an app review to gain access to this API. Additionally, they are modifying it from a three-tier structure to a two-tier one.
  • Lead Ads Retrieval and Live Video APIs: Facebook is introducing new app review permissions for both APIs.
  • Graph API Explorer App: Using the Graph API Explorer App, developers can run test queries. Facebook stated that they have deprecated the app, and developers will be required to “use their own apps’ access tokens to do test queries on the Graph API Explorer.”
  • Profile Expression Kit: This tool will be deprecated as of October 1st, 2018. Facebook approved developers use the Profile Expression kit to allow users to share videos and photos that have been created in their apps, and use them as Facebook profile pictures and videos.
  • Media Solutions: Media Solutions “is a family of APIs that enables developers to build tools for our media partners – including interactive experiences like polling and voting around TV broadcasts.” Facebook has announced that public content discovery APIs will limited to public posts and page content. They noted that this will only be accessible to select verified profiles.

Moreover, the Trending API, Signal tool, Trending Topics product, and Hashtag Voting have already been deprecated by the platform, and as of August 1st, they will get rid of Topic Search, Topic Insights and Topic Feed and Public Figure APIs due to low usage.

These updates come following a series of changes Facebook introduced earlier this year after facing major backlash regarding their data security practices.


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