Facebook Ends Engagement Baiting Tactics!


Facbook is all about user experience and engagement, as long as it’s authentic! This week Facebook announced that a tactic known as “engagement Bait” will no long be accepted. It could also see you under some heat if you do not follow these new rules. The social network will now demote posts that are using engagement bait tactics which is good for user experience as there will be less spammy posts that have no real value, yet bad for those who rely on huge viral content or campaigns.

What Is Engagement Bait?

Have you ever seen those posts that usually have;

‘’Tag 2 friends, Share This Post & Comment “DONE” below”

“Tag A Mate That Needs One”

“ Like If you can’t live without cake”

“ Share & Like to win a free giftcard”

Here’s some examples:


All of these are now deemed to be engagement baiters, schemes such as this are usually launched for engagement which reach a much larger audience and achieve really high “organic” traffic. So in the eyes of Facebook this is a bad thing as they want to make advertisers pay for this engagement.

Facebook are now developing an AI machine that will detect these engagement tactics, anyone taking part in; tag bait, share bait, like bait or comment bait will now see their posts diminish very quickly from the news feed!

How Will Page Owners Be Effected For Using Engagement Baiting?

The social network giant has stated they are working to combat these types of posts and will now begin punishing Page Owners & Page Administrators by narrowing the reach of their posts using these tactics. Pages that encourage users to; Like, comment, tag and share will lead to disciplinary action or even worse an account suspension.

The bait posts play against Facebook’s Algorithm and the last thing they want is the integrity of the algorithm to be compromised. They are now categorising thousands of posts and stated it will implement much stricter demotions for repeat offenders.


If the engagement bait is stopped, Facebook will allow the original post reach to continue as normal however serial offenders that go against FB’s requests might have their ad account or business manager disabled.

Companies raising money for charity or asking for advice recommendations won’t be affected by this update, but if you are currently using these methods it’s probably a good time to rethink your strategy.


Source: Adleaks


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