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Express Revenue, Inc. was founded in 2008 by experienced industry professionals. The founders worked as advertisers and publishers with affiliate networks but had yet to find the optimal solution. Located in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the network is now made up of a team of six industry experts.

The founders at Express Revenue launched the network knowing exactly what advertisers and publishers want. The performance-based network founded on the ideals of dedicated and individualized service, diversification of options, security to all parties involved, and transparency.

As far as affiliate networks go, Express Revenue is extremely diverse, versatile, and operates across many verticals. Currently, they are focusing mainly on Nutra, Dating, Work from Home, Sweepstakes and Submit Offers, E-commerce, and Lead Gen. Moreover, they have offers in several tier-one geos, including AU, CA, NZ, US, and the UK.

While they have seen tremendous success over the last ten years, Express Revenue has also put in the work to get there. The network has spent the last 3 years optimizing their proprietary tracking software to be as responsive and efficient as possible while managing the high-volume traffic. Thanks to their very talented web developer and staff, they’ve been able to create a unique platform that is easy to use, convenient and unlike anything we’ve seen in the industry.

What really separates Express Revenue from other networks in the industry is their amazing and dedicated Account Managers (AM). Their AMs are responsive (but not naggy), knowledgeable, and understand how to help their affiliates succeed, which is the winning combo affiliates look for in their AMs.  

Additionally, Express Revenue has fraud prevention measures, performance bonuses, diversification, exclusivity and their own, super easy to use, proprietary tracking software.

Express Revenue’s goal for the future is simply to continue on their mission: create an environment in which both Advertisers and Publishers simultaneously grow and thrive together.

Meet the Express Revenue team


Drafted: 2008

Position: CEO

Likes: Hockey, Philadelphia Eagles, Dom Perignon

Dislikes: Peanuts


Drafted: 2013

Position: Network Director

Likes: Five Guys, Soundcloud, Yuengling, The Eagles

Dislikes: The Patriots, pickles, losing at Fortnite


Drafted: 2013

Position: VP of Business Development

Likes: Buffets, Baseball, Amazon Prime

Dislikes: Nonsense, Well-done steak


Drafted: 2015

Position: Advertising Operations Manager

Likes: Sriracha, Fitness, Office karaoke

Dislikes: Messy desks, Meat, Ladybugs


Drafted: 2018

Position: Affiliate Manager

Likes: Sushi, wine, complaining

Dislikes: Nature, Censorship


Drafted: 2018

Position: Biz Dev Manager

Likes: Gum, Cuban Sandwiches, Pre-workout

Dislikes: Late Payments

At the moment, Express Revenue has amazing offers in CBD/Nutra Trials, Sweepstakes/CC Submits and Dating. Make sure to visit them at ASW Las Vegas this coming January!

Get in touch with Express Revenue

To learn more about Express Revenue and get in touch, contact Cory Frankel or Bart Krupa:



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