Don’t Miss the Casino Affiliate Contest of the Year: CAP’s Heavy Hitters Contest


With the fall of nutra, it’s no surprise that the casino vertical is growing in popularity in the affiliate marketing industry, considering how lucrative it can be with the high ROI opportunities it presents, across a wide range of geo’s.

The 2018 Heavy Hitters Contest

CAP (Casino Affiliate Programs) has launched the Heavy Hitters Contest to reward their top affiliates! It will undoubtedly be the best casino affiliate contest of 2018 – You won’t want to miss it! The contest is for all affiliates who are running casino campaigns with CAP, whether you are new to running casino, or you’re a veteran.

There are four ways to win the Heavy Hitters Contest:

  • Most depositors
  • Highest revenue
  • Largest increase in revenue
  • Highest revenue with non-Facebook traffic

The winners of the contest will be flown to San Diego, California for three nights. They will start the trip off with a day on a Yacht, followed by dinner. On the second night, the winners will participate in a brewery safari tour, and head to the Gaslamp Quarter for a night out afterwards.

Here is what is included:

  • Flight to San Diego
  • Hotel stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Gaslamp, San Diego
  • Day out on a yacht
  • Dinner out in San Diego
  • Brewery safari tour
  • Night out in Gaslamp, San Diego

The contest started on June 1st, and will end on August 31st, so you still have time get in on the action! CAP will be picking the winners on September 7th, and they will arrive in San Diego for a weekend of professional debauchery on October 11th.

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About CAP

CAP has been serving the online gaming affiliate marketing community since their launch in 2000. Since then, they have becoming the world’s largest online gaming affiliate community with over 11,000 members. Because CAP has focused solely on casino since their establishment, they have become experts in the vertical as opposed to other networks who try to be a jack-of-all-trades.

Over the years, CAP has garnered a great reputation in the industry due to their knowledgeable team and high payouts. They have many great offers to choose from across a number of geos, including Canada, Australia, the Nordics, and more.

What sets CAP apart from other casino affiliate networks is that they can offer either CPL or CPA, as opposed to most casino networks that only offer to pay per deposit (CPA). CPL can be a much better option for affiliates who are testing a new angle or geo as they can see test results rapidly, at a lower cost.

CAP also controls the funnel of most of their offers, which means that they host the first page themselves internally. This allows them to offer affiliates a CPL deal, while also ensuring that the casinos are not scrubbing you (they have control of all the data).Moreover, CAP has a custom-tracking platform that allows affiliates to see exactly how they are performing on their campaigns. They provide complete transparency from the leads all the way through to deposit.

CAP is known as being one of the best casino networks in the industry, and they live up to their reputation. If you’re a casino affiliate and you’re not working with CAP, or you are thinking of getting into the casino vertical, now is the time to start! They just launched the hottest casino affiliate contest of 2018 this summer, the Heavy Hitters Contest 2018.

Not sure where to start?

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We’re really excited about this competition and you should be too. CAP is already one of the best affiliate networks to work with in this industry, so this competition just sweetens the deal a little more.

To learn more about CAP’s current offers, and the 2018 Heavy Hitters Contest, contact

Click here to learn more about CAP’s Heavy Hitters Contest.


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