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Customer service plays a big role in the affiliate marketing industry, and it isn’t always easy to find excellent service to support your customers. Customer Service Collective (CSC), provides advertisers with the customer service they need to successfully run their business. Their dedicated agents get to know your products inside out in order to provide your customers with the best support all while increasing rebills, generating sales and reducing chargebacks.

The founders of CSC have decades of experience in campaign management, customer service and outbound phone sales. Vlad Zatulovsky, one of the founders of CSC, has extensive experience as an advertiser. In the industry, he is very well-respected and regarded as a stand-up guy. As advertisers, they tried multiple call centers but found them to be lacking; hidden fees, agents that didn’t know or care about their products, high refund rates, the use of scripts, long wait times, etc. CSC’s founders also saw that there was an opportunity to generate additional sales from the inbound customer service calls for their products.

Knowing that there had to be a better way of running a call center, they started one exclusively for their own use. After establishing it, they quickly saw how successful their approach to customer service was. This led them to offer their services to other businesses, and launch CSC.

CSC has a large team with roughly 100 staff members located in Kingston, Jamaica and their support staff working out of Saint George, Utah. CSC chose to set-up shop in Jamaica because they are able to hire and retain amazing professionals who love their jobs. Unlike most call centers, CSC has had very little turnover, reportedly only losing two agents in the last two years. CSC attributes this low turnover to their competitive pay and great office culture which makes their staff view their positions as a career, not just a job.

For CSC and their clients, another great perk of having an office in Jamaica is their team members’ accents! Their agents speak Queen’s English, so they have a slight British accent with a tinge of Caribbean, which is not only easily understood but is quite pleasant for customers calling in.

Above is a photo of some of the CSC staff. In general, their agents always dress business casual because they take pride in their careers at CSC.

They believe that their success really comes down to two factors: their sales philosophy and staff. They train all of their agents from a sales perspective. They undergo an extensive one-month-long training program that finishes with a final written exam they must pass before they’re allowed on the phones. In addition to teaching their agents about the nitty gritty details of important things like merchant accounts and CRM’s, their training program teaches their agents to go beyond the role of a customer service representative, and instead, be actual sales people. Because they have mastered their roles, they are able to generate additional sales when a customer calls in to complain. This translates into happier, longer-term customers, and more money in the pocket of their  clients.

In addition, CSC expressed that a large part of their success comes from their staff’s love of their job. Because their employees truly enjoy their positions, CSC is able to hold on to them. This is beneficial because they provide clients with teams of agents that are dedicated solely to them and their products and the more time an agent works with a business and their products, the more knowledgeable they are. As such, CSC agents can expertly communicate with customers who call. The agents are passionate about the products they manage so not only are they able to reduce refunds and chargebacks on inbound calls, but they can actually generate sales, without relying on a script.

The 2017 CSC Christmas party in Kingston.

It’s true that people are speaking on the phone less and less with the proliferation of text and other methods of digital communication but people still have the desire to talk to an actual person on the phone when they need customer service. This, along with the shift from brick and mortar stores to internet sales, means that good call centers are more important than ever. Because CSC agents have the ability to take calls without using a script, they add a more personal touch when providing customer service. In a world that is highly digitized and impersonal, customers take notice of this and appreciate it.

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