Could running Gaming offers be your next big move? This interview helps you decide


The Gaming vertical is a stable, multi-billion-dollar industry that brings the joy of games to massive audiences around the world. It’s fun, rich with opportunity and only getting bigger.

The best part? According to Advidi’s Gaming Business Development Manager Sjors Land, there are serious opportunities for affiliates who bring a fresh perspective.

Sjors himself brings just such an outlook – as a lifelong gamer, he’s always been intrigued by both the games and the gamers who play them. This comprehensive approach to the world of Gaming was instrumental as Advidi launched the vertical last week.

In this interview, Sjors goes into detail about the current trends in Gaming… highlights the traits that make up a successful Gaming affiliate… explains the current advertiser landscape in simple terms… and much more.

Here’s a taste:


In short: it’s stable, easy to enter and offers valuable lessons that apply to all aspects of affiliate marketing.

To most affiliates who work in our current verticals, Gaming is new and different – making it a great choice for long-term thinkers who recognize the value of diversification. It’s stable, it’s white hat, there are a lot of resources available and relatively few hurdles to getting started.

You can launch a new campaign and count on it to become a steady money-maker with greater consistency than you might find in other verticals.

Gaming affiliates don’t face the frustrations that others do with rebills, changing regulations, chargebacks and so forth. As long as you’re not running fraud, you can always expect to get paid. This is a huge benefit to anyone who is learning the ropes, as their cashflow will be steady from the start.

For those who really want to develop their business, Gaming is a great starting point for branching out. Learning to build successful Gaming campaigns also has benefits in other verticals and industries. There’s a huge audience for games, and lots of competition. However, it’s also relatively easy to carve out a bit of success. Once you find that formula, you’ll be surprised to learn that it works in huge, mainstream industries, where there’s even more opportunity to diversify.

If you’ve ever considered going into Gaming, the whole interview is a must-read!



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