Conquer the Affiliate World with AdCombo


AdCombo is an affiliate network focused on CPA-based advertising. While the company has been on the market for 5 years now, the first year they operated privately in a testing mode. AdCombo had been working on the conditions for its affiliates, and it was worth the wait.

One of the biggest advantages of AdCombo is the speed and efficiency of the onboarding process. For example, if you were to join an affiliate network, you would select an offer to run, apply for approval of that offer, create a landing page and then send traffic to the advertiser, then wait up to 90 days to actually receive payment. With AdCombo, this process happens at a much faster pace as it’s all done through one streamlined solution.


We are all aware of the importance of Affiliate Managers in an affiliate network. They could either be the best aspect of it, or the worst. We are so dependent on these specialists who point affiliates in the right direction. An Affiliate Manager’s job is to suggest the best converting offers, provide advice to marketers about how to manage a profitable ad campaign, find the right traffic sources, and help to avoid the blocking systems.

At AdCombo, every publisher is assigned a personal Affiliate Manager. They are attentive, passionate to help their affiliates the best they can, and are available 24/7.

Additionally, AdCombo has its own community chats for different regions that are available to both managers and affiliates. Marketers share their experience, help each other out, and learn something new every day as big family.

Ella Mak: “Being affiliate manager is not easy: you constantly need to multitask, be both an analytic and a psychologist. Each manager in my team has own strategies for monitoring the performance, own top charts,etc. Of course, we have competition, but we are very oriented on teamwork, that is why we succeed as a group.”


Adcombo rejects re-broking offers in other networks.As such, they work in close connection with advertisers. Most of the CPA networks a middle-man. This system has its own pros and cons, but every additional link in the scheme reduces pay-offs from the lead. Moreover, it’s always better if a network has direct contact with an advertiser.

As a result, you can always expect reasonable conversion rates and better payouts from AdCombo.

Alice: “The success of any offer depends on the experience and the level of professionalism of every person who has been involved in its developing and promoting. And that is why most of our offers are successful.”


A good offer is a half of your success as an affiliate. In its first year of establishment, AdCombo tested everything  to make improvements to the network where it was needed, including offers and geos.

The network has hundreds of offers, which are geo-targeted to a broad range of countries around the world in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and more. Also, you can choose from a number of Adcombo’s offer categories, such as adult, health and beauty.

AdCombo has CPL, CPS, CPI and Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) conversional formats, CoD being the most popular choice. For the majority of AdСombo’s offers, the payout for the order is confirmed by call-centers and the order form is only 2 lines.

The AdCombo Team

Although the staff members at the network have different tasks from one another, the AdCombo team acts like a big, happy family.

Roman, the head of the IT department, and his team fix bugs in a matter of minutes. They help affiliates with any tech-related problems, and take care of the AdCombo interface. The affiliate department guides affiliates and help with any issues they have. The department that works with advertisers have the challenging job of trying to please both advertisers and affiliates at the same time. Finally, AdCombo’s creative department make attractive landing and pre-landing pages for every offer.

Everyone has their small, but vital roles. Together, all of AdCombo’s specialists make up a big family of professionals!

All in all, AdCombo is a great CPA network that will help you to easily and quickly monetize your traffic. Their excellent customer service, and access to new markets are some of their winning features. In addition, they also offer some of the best payment features on the market. Overall, the AdCombo platform is a must-try for all publishers out there.


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