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In the affiliate marketing industry, Media500 is recognized for helping affiliates reach the pinnacle of success. Since launching in 2018, Media500 has been providing them with cutting-edge technology solutions, creative experts who are on-call, and an excellent support team to guide them on their path to success.

The network currently focuses primarily on finance offers as well as nutra and casino. Their team is spread throughout various locations around the world, including Israel, Russia, Romania and the Philippines.

Media500 constantly tries to set themselves apart from the crowd. They stay a few steps ahead of their competitors due to the follow:

  • Their belief in long lasting joint venture partnerships
  • Excellent 24/7 tech support
  • Free creatives are provided in order to create high-performing campaigns
  • Over 30 years combined experience in affiliate marketing amongst their Affiliate Managers (AMs)
  • Complete transparency with your campaign
  • Hiring AMs that know what they’re doing, and know how to optimize campaigns
  • Unique payouts, such as Bitcoin
  • Very competitive and high CPA payouts available

Media500 consists of an Elite team of passionate individuals that share the same beliefs regarding their path to success. The network sees themselves as a family – their team have been close friends for years, which contributes to their great work dynamic.

From their Junior Affiliate Managers to their Advertisers, Media500’s team has years of experience under their belt. Some of their staff hit their first industry conference back in 2011.

Like other businesses that are getting off the ground, every day presents new challenges for Media500. The affiliate marketing industry is highly competitive, and it can be very difficult to make a name for yourself. Their biggest challenge to date has been creating a solid and respected name for themselves in the industry. Media500 is trying to show the affiliate industry that they are here to take over. Moreover, they want to demonstrate the right way of doing things, and really enforce their beliefs in partnerships, transparency and loyalty to their partners.   

In the future, Media500 hopes to pave the way in terms of demonstrating how joint ventures and long lasting partnerships are the key to success in this industry.

Meet up with Media500

Media500 will be attending the following conferences in the next few months. Make sure to get in touch with them to set up a meeting!

Get in Touch with Media500

To learn more about Media500 or to sign up, contact one of their Senior Affiliate Managers via email:

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