Boss up and create a life you don’t need a vacation from! Choose the Afffiliate path! A review by BitterStrawberry


Affiliate marketing is an industry that not only grows with a rapid pace, but also gives you a lot of opportunities to earn income, challenging you all the time with interesting things.

We already know affiliate marketing is an amazing industry to be in, even if it requires time and commitment. It’s an easy way to start a business online and to earn some great income. As long as you will explore all the opportunities, you have absolute freedom to rule this high profit industry.

That being said, the whole game has a ton of advantages, but there are also some cons of working in the affiliate marketing industry. Here are the top reasons to become an Affiliate:

#1. Passive income

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry that can pay extremely well and offer you a very comfortable living. Based on performance work, if you master the craft, it can become an easy way to make a lot of money. 

More than this, one of the best parts of being an affiliate is that you can literally make money while sleeping. Basically, you can earn commissions from the links you embed on your blog, and earn passive income long after you do this. 

It’s true that it can take a lot of time to build up your site until that passive income will become a major perk, but it happens and that is a pretty big incentive. Isn’t it great to wake up in the morning, open your laptop and just discover additional revenue in your account? 

#2. “You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life”

If you already love writing, it means that writing to promote the best products in your industry will come easily. Including affiliate links in your blog post will be an extra step to start monetizing. You already do what you love, so it will not feel like work anymore. 

#3. You Can Work from Anywhere

The flexible work schedules, the independence, the possibility to work from what environment you want, remotely, according to your will.  Just think you can stay in your pjs all day long or write from a picturesque landscape near the ocean. 

You will be able to adjust your time with your lifestyle and build a schedule around the other commitments you have. Also, you can always make time for something unexpected. 

#4.   It’s a Win-Win-Win Situation

Whenever you drive a sale, everyone involved in your campaigns, wins. You will earn a commission from the total value of the order; the retailer earns a new customer and your site visitor will discover more things about the products they’re already interested in.

Creating more campaigns and landing pages in order to market your affiliate links can allow you to choose the affiliate program that works best for you or to add diversified products to your portfolio so you can drop the ones that are difficult to sell. This way, you can minimize the risk of failure and maximize the opportunity to win big.

#5.  Customers are Worldwide

Thanks to the internet you can have customers all over the world and your content can be accessible on a global scale. This means you can earn commission from all the geos and cover all the markets worldwide. 

At the same time, you can make friends everywhere, developing working relation on social media, skype despite the fact you are working remotely.

#6. Low Investment Costs

Compared to other industries, in the beginning you can say that this business is free. As long as you have a fully functional site you can start making money with zero cost or risk. Affiliate business is an excellent way to work from home, there are no production costs involved, except maybe the electricity bill or ISP subscription or any other optional minor expenses related to the idea of owning a domain. 

Basically, as a freelancer, you don’t have costs for hiring people, customer service, the product you promote is already developed and proven by the retailer. You simply have to chose an affiliate program (that it’s usually free to join) and some products relevant for your market and you’re ready to start.

#7. Customer service and marketing kit at your disposal

As an affiliate marketer you don’t have to worry about customer service issues, you don’t have to worry about bureaucracy. If you join an affiliate platform, there are other people managing the weekly reports and the company relations. You only have to worry about generating relevant content that can boost SEO and think of your commission. You can create your own set of rules. The retailers or the affiliate program will usually send you the promotional materials so you will be all set. 

Considering that the majority of retailers will provide you service support and marketing materials, your risks will be minimal. All you have to do is to gather more referrals and your income will increase. Don’t forget to optimize and remember the patterns in case you get great results.

#8. Conferences and parties 

A very important part of being an affiliate is to participate to conferences where you can meet the most important people in the industry, listen to their presentations, discovering the new trends and challenges – things that are crucial for your business. An affiliate conference is a very good way to build work relations, make new connections, discover cutting-edge technologies and learn how to boost your sales. 

Getting a better understanding on the way you can grow your business will increase your influence in this business area. There are affiliate conferences all over the world, but beside the work involved you will also have a lot of good times with the people in the affiliate industry.

The networking parties are a big thing at the conference and a great way to mix work meetings with leisure, but still have an amazing experience. Sometimes, informal communication can bring you more contacts for your business.

#9. Performance Based Income

If you work with a good Affiliate network, this kind of income will be a great benefit for you.  Nowadays you have to deliver measurable results to have success in affiliate marketing. Having the right tools to evaluate your campaign and to optimize it will drive good conversions and corresponding incomes. 

A performant technology and a transparent affiliate program will help you understand what’s working and what’s not, bringing more revenue from your campaigns.

#10. The Sky’s the Limit

First thing first, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to join an affiliate program. There are so many ways you can do that, from building an affiliate blog to using social media or platforms like Quora in order to promote your affiliate products. Combining organic reach with paid marketing strategies, you can create PPC campaigns and make cross channel campaigns, depending on what is more suitable for you. The possibilities are endless! There are so many ways to run and manage marketing programs, once you identify the platforms that work the best for you.

Of course, the life of an affiliate also comes with challenges and as we promised we wont only talk about the perks of being an affiliate, but also about the hard times you will encounter as an affiliate marketer. Here are some reasons, why affiliate marketing is not for everyone:

#1. You can’t control an affiliate marketing program nor the competition

Affiliate marketing is a very competitive business. If you don’t have experience it will be pretty hard to compete with the talented affiliate marketers on the market, unless you are not joining a good affiliate platform. It will bring you a lot of benefits like low costs, marketing material, customer support and high profits and it can help you influence your performance so you can swim with the big fish as well.

#2. It’s hard to establish a customer base

The nature of affiliate business implies you will earn commission depending on the product you promote and your power to drive sales. But in order to have a great source of potential affiliate offers it’s better to find a well-established affiliate program. Considering most of the major brands use big affiliate networks, it will be easier to find good offers for your audience, working with one. 

#3. Freelancing is not for everyone

Being independent and not having an exact work program is not for everyone. It takes a particular personality to feel good with this lifestyle. You might feel lonely and discover you won’t leave the house for days. But there are lots of hubs and coffee places designed especially for remote work, where you can find comfortable and meet new people and still enjoy the freedom that comes from freelancing.

#6. Hijack Affiliates and Spammy Campaigns

It’s true that there are some affiliates that only think on short term strategies, that use misleading content to earn small revenues and also hijacking affiliate links that make your commission get to the fraudster, but as long as you work with an affiliate program or network that have a good fraud prevention system and choose to focus on long -term affiliate strategies, investing your time in quality, you will gain trust and collaborate with the best vendors.

#7. Long working hours

Money come easy from affiliate campaigns but also require hard work and perseverance. 


There are clearly more pros than cons on being an affiliate marketer and we strongly encourage you to try this path. We hope our article made you understand better this business model and decide if being your own boss, working from anywhere in the world and having an online passive income will worth investing your time, since there’s little or no cost implied.

By BitterStrawberry Affiliate Network



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