BizProfits: Meet the CPA Network with the Best In-House Crypto & Nutra Offers


The BizProfits Network is known for their in-house offers in crypto and nutra verticals. They cover a wide range of geos, focusing mainly on tier-1 and 2 countries.

With 7 years of industry experience, the BizProfits Network is able to provide affiliates with exclusive offers and the full support (including custom marketing materials) affiliates need to establish successful advertising campaigns.

BizProfits Network was founded in 2011 as a CPA Network specializing in nutraceuticals, and a direct advertiser of Free Trial offers. The company rapidly grew and we expanded into sweepstakes, dating, e-commerce and finance verticals.

In 2017, the biggest challenge for BizProfits was to decide whether to remain a CPA network with a variety of verticals, or to focus exclusively on cryptocurrency and nutra offers. So, with hard work, planning, and dedication, the BizProfits team started a new chapter. The company narrowed their focus, and since January 2018, concentrated on their own crypto, forex and nutra CPA and COD offers.

In April 2018, BizProfits launched unique crypto software with in-house CPA offers. The platform provides affiliates with the following benefits:

  • Wide GEO distribution: offers accept traffic from over 50 countries
  • Smart LP pages rotation: 7 language versions (EN, AR, FR, DE, NO, RU and ES)
  • Full set of highly converting marketing creatives
  • Variety of tracking and optimization options

BizProfits is headquartered in one of the world’s largest financial centers, Hong Kong. Currently, they have a team of more than 100 dedicated professionals worldwide. The core team at BizProfits has extensive experience in the affiliate marketing industry, working across almost every vertical in the business.

BizProfits’ ultimate future goal is to establish themselves as #1 Network in the Crypto vertical. The network is constantly developing new tracking features, working on enhancements for the Crypto affiliate platform, adding their own in-house offers, and creating new monetization opportunities for publishers.

If you’re interested in promoting exclusive Crypto CPA and Nutra offers, meet the BizProfits team at Affiliate World in Barcelona or drop them a line at (or skype: kate.bizprofits).

Open new monetization opportunities with BizProfits!


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